Black Friday TV deals — what’s the right size for you?

LG C1 OLED TV sizes
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TV sales are a major part of Black Friday, with big discounts and bigger promotions. Looking past the exciting floor displays and splashy newspaper inserts, Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to save a bundle on your next TV. But how big of a TV should you buy? And is there a size that will get you the best value for the money?  

We've been watching for the best Black Friday deals for weeks now, tracking the best Black Friday TV deals from retailers like Best buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Here's what you need to know about screen size when shopping for a Black Friday TV bargain.

Black Friday TV shopping: Screen size basics

When you get right down to it, screen size is one of the most important factors in finding the right TV for you. You'll see several popular measurements, from smaller 48-inch models up to whopping 80-inch monsters. Larger screens offer a more immersive viewing experience, but constraints on physical space, seating distance and viewing comfort all have to be considered. (Check out What size TV should you buy? for more in-depth advice.)

Here are our quick tips for picking the right TV screen size:

Screen size: TV screens are measured diagonally from corner to corner, so a 65-inch TV is closer to 55 inches wide. Bigger is better, in most respects — it's more immersive, and easier to see, not to mention more impressive when showing off to the neighbors. But if the screen's too big, it won't fit in the space you have.

  • Smaller screens: Smaller TVs of 50 inches or less can be a great fit in smaller apartments, dorm rooms, or as secondary TVs in the kitchen, kids bedrooms, and anywhere else you might want to put a little TV. Small TVs are also the one time you should consider anything less than 4K resolution. Anything under 43 inches is too small to properly display 4K in a way that the eye can process, making full HD resolution a good choice for smaller sets.
  • Standard screen sizes: For most households a 55- or 65-inch TV will be plenty big, while still fitting nicely in your den or living room.
  • Larger screens: Bigger screen sizes of 75 and 85 inches are available, but are large enough that you'll need to think through whether you have the physical space for the TV itself, and for comfortable viewing.

Room size and position: Rooms don't get bigger to accommodate larger TVs, so find the right size for your space. Screen size has a direct relationship with the optimal viewing distance. Larger screens are best watched from farther back; otherwise, you can find yourself unable to see the whole picture, or experience unwanted distortions and color issues from sitting too close.

Resolution: TVs today offer three resolution options — 1080p, 4K and 8K. We recommend 4K for pretty much everyone, but the resolution will change how close you can sit to a set and how expensive it will be. 

  • 1080 or Full HD: Display resolution measuring 1920 x 1080 pixels, used in modern television broadcasts, cable and satellite TV, Blu-ray media and available broadly in free and paid streaming services. You'll still see these, especially when you go looking for the cheapest TVs on sale. Full HD is a good choice if you're getting a TV with an extra-small screen, but for anything larger than 40 inches, you should be getting 4K.
  • 4K (Ultra HD): Display resolution measuring 3840 x 2160 pixels, commonly referred to as Ultra HD or UHD. The current standard in smart TVs, offering 4x the resolution of full HD. We strongly recommend 4K for everybody, in most situations.
  • 8K (Ultra HD): The next step in resolution is 8K, or 7680 x 4320 pixels. It's also called Ultra HD (just like 4K), so don't be confused. There's also a severe lack of 8K content, so we recommend skipping 8K this year. Even on sale, it's more expensive than an equivalent 4K TV.

What screen sizes go on sale for Black Friday?

All of them. You can find great deals for TVs big and small all November long. But you'll see more sales and steeper discounts for smaller TV sizes.

Why do smaller TVs get more sales? A few reasons: First, smaller TVs are cheaper to begin with, make it easy for retailers to promote sales with phrases like "4K TV for just $200!" and "50% off!" without having to sacrifice quite as much money as they would on larger TVs.

The other big reason is just as practical. You can fit more small TVs onto the sales floor and you can stock more of them in the backroom.

Another reason you don't see as many sales for bigger TVs, especially for 75- and 85-inch TVs, is that those TVs are more expensive to make, harder to ship intact, and generally have a smaller profit margin to begin with. You can find sales on these bigger screen models, but the retailers won't offer as many, and you'll find them more easily online.

And with our help, you can still find great deals on TVs of every price.

Great Black Friday TV deals by screen size

Small TVs (40-53 inches)

TCL 40 3-Series

TCL 40" Roku TV: was $349 now $229 @ Amazon
The TCL 40-inch Roku TV (3-Series) is a 1080 smart TV with an unbeatable price. Ideal for guest bedrooms or children's rooms, it offers our favorite streaming platform baked right in. 

Insignia 43" F30 4K Fire TV: was $309 now $269 @ Amazon

Insignia 43" F30 4K Fire TV: was $309 now $269 @ Amazon
The Insignia F30 is one of  the cheapest 4K TV deals you can get. It features HDR10 support, DTS Studio sound, and a voice remote with Alexa built-in. 

LG 48" OLED A1: was $1,199 now $896 @ Walmart

LG 48" OLED A1: was $1,199 now $896 @ Walmart
LG's most affordable OLED TV gets even better, with the 48-inch LG A1 OLED selling for an incredible $899, matching the best OLED deal of last year weeks before Black Friday. With webOS and LG's impressive Game Optimizer settings, the smallest OLED is a huge deal for gamers and anyone that wants a great 4K smart TV for a smaller space. (Best Buy has the same deal for $899)

Sceptre 50-inch 4K TV U515CV-U

Sceptre 50" 4K LED TV: was $328 now $199 @ Walmart
As part of its Black Friday deals, Walmart is offering this 50-inch TV for $199. That's an excellent price for a television of this size. You do sacrifice Smart TV features but they can be easily added by purchasing an additional streaming stick. 

Hisense 50A6G

Hisense A6G 50" 4K TV: was $429 now $349 @ Amazon
Looking for an affordable 50-inch TV? The Hisense A6G is one of the best cheap Black Friday TV deals you'll find. The 2021 TV features Dolby Vision/HDR10//HLG support, built-in Google Assistant with voice remote, DTS Virtual: X sound, and a low latency mode that makes it a great pick for gamers. 

Standard TVs (55-65 inches)

Insignia 55" F30 4K Fire TV: was $549 now $299 @ Amazon

Insignia 55" F30 4K Fire TV: was $549 now $299 @ Amazon
If you want a big-screen TV on the cheap, Amazon has the Insignia 55-inch F30 4K Fire TV on sale. The TV offers HDR10 support, DTS Studio Sound, and it comes with a voice remote, which lets you control it with the sound of your voice. Best Buy offers the same price.

TCL 5-Series Roku TV 55S535

TCL 55" 4K QLED Roku TV: was $699 now $499 @ Walmart
Editor's Choice TV:
This killer deal saves you $200 on one of the best 55-inch 4K TVs on the market. In our review, we said this TV is an excellent pick for anyone on a budget. It delivers solid, quantum-dot 4K picture quality and Roku's smart TV software at an unbeatable price. This model features a bright and vibrant 55-inch 4K LED UHD QLED display, Dolby Vision/HDR10 support, and compatibility with AI voice assistants. 

Vizio 55" OLED 4K TV: was $1,299 now $999 @ Best Buy

Vizio 55" OLED 4K TV: was $1,299 now $999 @ Best Buy
Vizio's 55-inch 4K OLED TV is back on sale. The TV uses Vizio's new IQ Ultra CPU and ProGaming Engine, which is designed for Xbox and PS5 gameplay. It supports Dolby Vision HDR, DTS Virtual X, Vizio SmartCast, and a host of digital assistants for hands-free control of your TV. It's worth noting that this TV hit $899 during last year's Black Friday TV deals sale at Best Buy. We expect to see that price return in 2021, but you can get $300 off now.

Hisense 58" 4K Roku TV: was $426 now $348 @ Walmart

Hisense 58" 4K Roku TV: was $426 now $348 @ Walmart
At nearly 60 inches, this Hisense R6-Series TV is one of the cheapest Black Friday TV deals we've seen so far. We especially like this TV because it doesn't skimp on features. This 2020 TV features Dolby Vision/HDR10 support, a 120Hz refresh rate, built-in gaming mode that reduces lag, and Roku's excellent streaming platform. 

TCL 6-Series 65R635 (2020)

TCL 65" 6-Series 4K QLED Roku TV: was $1,499 now $898 @ Amazon
Editor's Choice deal: We named TCL's 6-Series line of TVs one of the top TVs we've reviewed. We especially like the mini-LED backlighting and QLED enhancement. The result is impressive color and brightness, with some of the best HDR performance we've seen on anything this side of an OLED display. The new 2021 models continue that unbeatable value and feature Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG support, full array local dimming, THX Certified Game Mode, Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant support, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Walmart offers the same price.

Toshiba C350 Fire TV

Toshiba 65" C350 4K TV: was $719 now $499 @ Best Buy
This limited-time deal saves you a whole $220 on one of the best 4K TVs. This massive 65-inch TV sports a 4K Ultra HD display panel, a 60Hz refresh rate, support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10 as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa. 

Large TVs (70-83 inches)

Samsung 75" 7 Series 4K TV: was $1,099 now $849 @ Best Buy

Samsung 75" 7 Series 4K TV: was $1,099 now $849 @ Best Buy
The Samsung Class 7 Series LED 4K TV delivers a sharp UHD picture in a monstrous 75-inch size. The Crystal Processor can upscale content to 4K, and you get a voice-activated remote control, thin bezel design and a game enhancer mode for smooth action. 

Vizio MQ7 75" 4K QLED TV: was $1,299 now $999 @ Best Buy

Vizio MQ7 75" 4K QLED TV: was $1,299 now $999 @ Best Buy
For the ultimate splurge, Best Buy has the Vizio 75-inch MQ7 4K TV on sale for $999. That's taking a healthy $300 off and one of the best early Black Friday TV deals we've seen. Hurry though, as stock is limited.

LG 77" A1 OLED: was $3,199 now $2,699 @ Best Buy

LG 77" A1 OLED: was $3,199 now $2,699 @ Best Buy
The biggest version of LG's entry-level OLED delivers a great 4K smart TV with better-than-average picture quality, complete with HDR support, webOS smart software and Google Assistant and Alexa built-in.

LG 77" G1 OLED TV: was $4,299 now $3,796 @ NewEgg
Killer OLED TV Dea...

LG 77" G1 OLED TV: was $4,299 now $3,796 @ NewEgg
The LG G1 OLED 4K TV offers OLED evo technology for consistently stunning images no matter what you're watching. With Smart TV and ThinQ smart home features, it'll quickly become the center of your entertainment setup. Plus, gamers will love it thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate and Game Optimizer menu. The 77-inch model is currently $500 off, and NewEgg has a promotion that gets you a $350 Visa gift card with purchase.

LG 83" C1 OLED: was $5,999 now $4,996 @ Walmart

LG 83" C1 OLED: was $5,999 now $4,996 @ Walmart
Go big for less with the 83-inch LG C1 OLED, selling now for $1,000 off the regular price. Sure, that's still a pricey 5 grand, but premium OLED displays aren't known for being cheap, especially at this giant size. Packed with features, like HDR, HDMI 2.1 and both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it's a fantastic TV, now at a slightly more reasonable price.

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