Apple AirTag 4-pack on sale for $10 off during Amazon Memorial Day sale

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The Apple AirTag is one of the best key finders around for iPhone owners. And the more AirTags you have, the more things you can keep tabs on from your phone. A Memorial Day sale lets you grab a pack of four Apple AirTags for $10 off.

AirTags can be tricky to find on sale, but right now Amazon is selling a pack of four for $89. This bundle's price has been consistent for about two weeks now but it may not remain that way after Memorial Day is over. If you're looking for one of the best trackers out there, then you'll want to jump on this fairly quickly as it's one of the best Apple deals around.

Apple AirTag: was $99 now $99 @ Amazon

Apple AirTag: was $99 now $99 @ Amazon
The Apple AirTag takes the frustration of finding lost items and makes it simple, and even enjoyable. You can use your iPhone to track the AirTag (or whatever you've connected it to), with audio and visual cues to point you in the right direction until you’ve found what you’ve lost.

If you have an iPhone 11 or later, we highly recommend picking up an AirTag to use alongside it. In our Apple AirTag review, we loved the simplicity of the device. It connects quickly and allows you to find your lost items with ease.

Whether your item is close by or far away, you can easily use your phone to send out a signal and track your things down. The AirTag comes equipped with a speaker which will beep while you’re looking, and an additional signifier that your item is close by.

It’s always fun to customize — and you can buy a range of keyrings and loops in plastic or leather, to keep your AirTag handy on your keys. You can get a designer Hermes leather keyring for a single AirTag if you have $349 burning a hole in your wallet.

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