Apple is reportedly working on a massive foldable MacBook with a 20-inch display

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Laptops with foldable screens are nothing new, but the big question a lot of people might have is “when will Apple launch a foldable MacBook?” According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo we could see one arriving in around three years' time, rocking a 20-inch display.

Posting over on Twitter/X, Kuo claims that this is (so far) Apple’s only foldable product “with a clear development schedule”. That means that the foldable iPhone or iPad, whichever device the rumored iPhone Flip ends up being, will not be arriving in 2025 or 2026 — as previously speculated.

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Kuo’s comment doesn’t mean a foldable iPhone isn’t in development somewhere in Apple, however. Just that, according to his sources, there’s no set timeline on when this product may arrive.There were rumors from last month claiming that the foldable could launch alongside the iPhone 18 in 2026. But then again in December the rumor was that the iPhone Flip would launch in 2027 — a year later. 

If the rumors can’t make up their mind on when the foldable iPhone is coming, then Kuo’s claim does make sense. You can’t accurately predict the arrival of a new product if Apple also doesn’t know when it might arrive.

Foldable MacBook Concept

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Kuo doesn’t give many details on the foldable MacBook, however. Only that the device will have a 20.3-inch screen and is expected to enter mass production at some point in 2027. It’s not the first time we've heard about such a device, with rumors stretching back over two years

More recently those rumors have extended to a larger screen device, with reports that Samsung was developing a foldable MacBook display in the 20-inch size range. Just last month it was reported, like Kuo claims, that Apple’s first foldable will be a larger screen device, and that it could arrive sometime in 2027.

Unfortunately 2027 is a ways off, and that means we’re going to have to sit back and be patient. After all, Apple still hasn’t released a MacBook with an OLED display or even a touchscreen yet. So there’s still plenty of room for display upgrades before we throw foldable screens into the mix. 

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