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Best cheap HDMI switchers in 2021

Cheap HDMI Switchers
(Image credit: Gana)

One of the best cheap HDMI switchers can be a boon if your TV doesn't have many HDMI ports built-in. These high-tech splitters route all of your HDMI devices through a single box (or dongle) and then funnel them to your TV, giving you up to five extra HDMI ports.

We've purchased 10 of the most popular models straight off of Amazon and tested them to see which ones work best.

Cheap HDMI Switchers: J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301

(Image credit: J-Tech Digital)

1. J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301

Number of Ports: 3 | Max Resolution: 4K | External Power Source: Yes | Automatic Switching: Yes

Supports 4K inputs
Switches sources automatically
Few ports
Requires external power

The J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 is inexpensive but delivers a lot more features than you'd expect for a sub-$30 box.  The device not only supports 4K content but also comes with a remote and automatically switches between inputs when you turn them on. The JTD4KSP0301 requires an external power source, which is admittedly a little inconvenient for a three-port switcher, but given the kind of fantastic performance you get, it's a fair compromise.

Cheap HDMI Switchers: Kinivo 301BN

(Image credit: Kinivo)

2. Kinivo 301BN

Number of Ports: 3 | Max Resolution: 1080p | External Power Source: Yes | Automatic Switching: Yes

Small profile
Decent remote control
Easy to use
Needs external power
Not many ports

Kinivo HDMI switchers sell well on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. They're small, easy to use and look very unobtrusive in an entertainment center. The Kinivo 301BN supports three 1080p HDMI inputs. Although it requires an external power source, you do get a pretty decent remote control in return. The 301BN can also switch between inputs automatically when you power on a device. Unless you need more than three inputs, there's really no reason not to recommend the 301BN. (Kinivo makes a five-input switch as well, but it's a little more expensive.)

Cheap HDMI Switchers: Gana HDMI Switch 3x1

(Image credit: Gana)

3. Gana HDMI Switch 3x1

Number of Ports: 3 | Max Resolution: 1080p | External Power Source: No | Automatic Switching: No

Simple design
No external power required
Costs very little
No automatic switching
No remote control

If you are willing to sacrifice a little convenience for pure simplicity (and a very, very low price), you simply can't go wrong with the Gana HDMI Switch 3x1. This 4K-compatible HDMI switcher is a cable that has three HDMI ports on one end and an HDMI hookup on the other. That's it. You switch between cables by physically pressing a Select button (there's no remote), and there's no auto-switching. Then again, you can have the Gana for less than $10, and it doesn't require an external power source. If you have three or fewer devices to hook up, it doesn't get any easier than this.

Cheap HDMI Switchers: Rocketfish RF-G1185

(Image credit: Rocketfish)

4. Rocketfish RF-G1185

Number of Ports: 4 | Max Resolution: 1080p | External Power Source: Yes | Automatic Switching: Yes

Has an on/off switch
Lots of ports
Comes with instructions
Slow performance
Inconvenient front port

The Rocketfish RF-61185 is just fine, but it costs a fair amount of money. It has four HDMI ports (although one of them is on the front, which always makes things a little difficult) and requires external power. The RF-61185 comes with a remote control, although it's not the speediest accessory. You can turn the device on and off, which is a rarity among HDMI switchers, so if power consumption is a concern, the RF-61185 may be worth a look. It comes with a real instruction manual, which is more than I can say for a lot of other devices.

Cheap HDMI Switchers: Fosmon HD1831

(Image credit: Fosmon)

5. Fosmon HD1831

Number of Ports: 3 | Max Resolution: 1080p | External Power Source: No | Automatic Switching: No

Dead simple design
Intuitive to operate
External power not required
Requires manual switching
Costs the same as 4K devices

The Fosmon HD1831 is an extremely inexpensive and extremely simple HDMI switcher. Known as a "pigtail cable," it has an HDMI connection for your TV on one end and three HDMI ports on the other end. You manually select your input by clicking a button on top of the HD1831. That's pretty much it. There's nothing really wrong with the HD1831, but you can get similar devices that also offer 4K support for the same price.

Cheap HDMI Switchers: Dingsun 3-Port HDMI Switch

(Image credit: Dingsun)

5. Dingsun 3-Port HDMI Switch

Number of Ports: 3 | Max Resolution: 4K | External Power Source: Yes | Automatic Switching: No

Relatively cheap
Offers 4K support
Has a remote
No automatic switching
Slow operation

While the Dingsun 3-Port HDMI Switch doesn't cost much, it's also a mismatch of form and function. The Dingsun is an extremely small box that supports three HDMI ports. In spite of its tiny profile, it requires external power. What makes the Dingsun a bit annoying is that it doesn't automatically switch, meaning you'll need to keep the (fairly slow) remote on hand more often than not. On the other hand, the Dingsun is one of the cheapest boxes available that supports 4K, so it may be worth putting up with a few inconveniences if you have multiple 4K inputs.

How we test cheap HDMI switchers

To simulate a realistic use-case scenario, we hooked up each HDMI switcher to a 1080p screen. Then, we connected a Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation 4 and a Roku Streaming Stick (on every switcher that offered three or more ports), and evaluated how easy it was to switch between them. We took into account each switcher's price, how many ports it offered, whether it came with a remote, whether it needed an independent power source and whether it switched inputs automatically.  Each device's looks also played a small part in our rankings, since it'll have to live alongside the rest of the devices in your entertainment center.