Spotify launches AI playlists — now you can create a tracklist from a text prompt

Spotify AI Playlist
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Spotify has turned to artificial intelligence to help listeners create the perfect playlist from nothing more than a simple text prompt. 

The Premium-user only feature is currently in beta and initially only available in the UK and Australia but will expand to other countries in the coming months. 

It builds on the popular AI-powered Spotify DJ feature that creates a personalized music selection and then adds in spoken-word commentary using synthetic voices complete with song information.

New AI playlists work by typing in a text prompt such as “driving to watch the solar eclipse” and Spotify’s contextual AI model will scour the extensive music library to find the perfect tracks.

What can you create with Spotify AI playlists?

Spotify AI Playlist

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Creating playlists can be anything from a fun activity to a boring chore depending on the purpose, and often you miss songs that would be a perfect fit if you'd only heard them before.

So Spotify turned to AI to solve that problem. You could ask for anything from a list of songs about love in space to a selection inspired by your favorite cat. 

You can even include emojis but Spotify says the best playlists include genre, mood, artist and decade. "Get creative and be specific! For example, you could try creating 'sad music for painting dying flowers' or 'tracks for horse riding into the sunset'," Spotify explained.

How to access AI playlist creator?

Spotify AI playlist creator is only available on mobile in the UK and Australia at launch and requires a premium subscription. 

You access it by going to "Your Library", tapping the + button and selecting "AI Playlist". It will offer some default prompts or let you create your own.

"Creating a new playlist with AI Playlist is as simple as typing a unique prompt into the chat," the company explained. This could include asking for an indie folk playlist to give your brain a warm hug, or something to get through allergy season. 

"Whether you’re a beginner or an expert playlist creator, AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalization technology with AI to deliver that perfect musical mix just for you," Spotify wrote in a blog post.

This update comes as a growing number of AI music companies, and AI playlist companies come onto the market including Suno to compete with Spotify for attention.

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