Garmin Recalling 1,250,000 GPS Over Fire Hazard

Garmin yesterday announced a product recall affecting several devices in the company's Nüvi line of GPSes. The company cited bad batteries from a specific manufacturer as the reason for the recall. The batteries have the potential to overheat when they are used in certain Garmin Nüvi models with a specific PCB (printed circuit board) design.

The recall involves 1.25 million devices, 750,000 of which were sold in the United States. Garmin says it has seen just 10 instances of the overheating problem, and none of them have resulted in injury or significant property damage. Affected model numbers are as follows: the 200W, 250W, 260W, 7xx and 7xxT (where xx is a two-digit number).

The Wall Street Journal reports that Garmin will be splitting the cost of the recall with the battery supplier in question and does not expect the recall to hurt its results.

To check if your model is affected visit

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  • bob_white
    I have 255W

    I'm safe !
  • chindoboi
    I'm glad to see that Garmin has taken safe precautions to recall 1.25m units over 10 incidents...
  • ricardok
    greghomeI think I have one in my car, not sure when It'l go off=Dshould put it in my brother's pocket

    Do you have insurance? If yes, let it burn baby, let it burn.. :P