Ex-BioWare Writer to Join Science Fiction Kickstarter Game

Kickstarter project Ambrov X has announced that it will bring ex-BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler on board as a $750,000 stretch goal.

Ambrov X, which is set in the Sime~Gen science fiction universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, tells a story of a covert operation set on the spaceship Unity One. The players' goal is to uncover the story behind the demise of Jumper 10, the Unity One's predecessor spaceship.

Jennifer Hepler left BioWare last month. Hepler had been harassed for her comments about wanting to skip gameplay during videogames in favor of playing the story. However, she explained in an interview with Polygon last month that this didn't factor into her departure decision. "No, leaving Bioware was for family reasons," she stated, "I am going to be working on a text book on narrative design among other game-related freelance projects."

Apparently, Ambrov X is one of them. "Why Ambrov X?" she wrote in a post. "The themes in Ambrov X are ones I’ve always been fascinated with: What makes us human? At what point does having powers or needs different than most people’s make you no longer human? How can freedom be justified if it places other people at risk? How do the quirks and personal relationships between individuals get magnified when those people have the power to influence a whole world?"

Currently, Ambrov X sits at a little over $30,000 raised, with 29 days left to raise its goal of $500,000. Perhaps news of Jennifer Hepler's involvement may help speed up the science fiction Kickstarter's fundraising process. 

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  • BringMeAnother
    I'm sad to say that according to the trends I've seen on Kickstarter, the funding isn't likely to be successful. This might make it to $200,000 at most. That's too bad. I like story driven games.
  • wood42334402
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  • f-14
    this is what a google search turned up on her.
    very telling.

    "Jennifer Hepler and people like her should never have been allowed to work in the gaming industry. When you say you want to skip all the game play then you probably shouldn't be making video games, you should be making movies. The idea of her writing Mass Effect 3 makes me want to give up on Bioware.

    p.s. Just a note: I'm not against women in the gaming industry, just fan girls.
    They're single handedly ruining the gaming industry."

    made me lol until i thought about it.