Kindle Touch Jailbroken With Just an MP3

According to a blog post, it was relatively simple to unlock the e-reader as large parts of the GUI is not based on Java anymore, but on HTML5 and Javascript. As all menus on the Kindle Touch are basically HTML pages, the idea was that the injected HTML code could jailbreak the device.

Kindle Touch Jailbreak

Liu decided to use the jailbreak code by adding it to an ID3 tag, which will be executed as soon as the related MP3 file is played. The developer even added a splash screen which is shown while the code is opening up the Kindle Touch. Of course, the problem is that there are almost no applications available that run on the Kindle Touch. Apps that ran on previous Kindles do not run on the Touch.

Liu noted, however, that his jailbreak - which includes SSH access -  is enough to enable developers to write software for the device. His ideas are reader plugins, format plugins, alternative ebook formats, games and other apps.

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