Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 8 Syncing App

In order to make its new products easier to use, Microsoft has released a Windows Phone 8 syncing app for consumers who own multiple Windows 8-powered devices.

The Windows Phone 8 application works on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, allowing users to utilize the app on devices such as Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Users will be able to transfer digital media such as music and images between devices straightforwardly. The app will automatically save both photos and videos from a smartphone to a PC when syncing; you won't need to open the app to manage transfers.

The app also delivers detailed breakdowns pertaining to exactly how much space each type of content is consuming on a device.

Windows 7 phone users, unfortunately, won't receive the application as it's not compatible with the older operating system.


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  • acadia11
    Where have I seen this before?

    PS if windows could come out with a phone as gorgeous as the iPhone I'd buy in a second. Jobs secret sauce taste and style matter and the guy had it in spades.
  • dash68
    Maybe MS can get it right. Many people have stayed away from Apple because of iTunes. Really sounds like this "Syncing App" is going to get in the way of the total control many PC users seem to desire.
  • jacobdrj
    Big mistake. Shouldn't have been an app. Should have been an integrated part of the system. Maybe they are doing it this way to comply with the EU or some other nonsense like that, but it is a poor design decision...