LG to Make Official ''Nexus'' Tablet for Google

Rumor has it LG is set to join the Nexus family with a tablet offering that it's designing specially for Google. The tablet would presumably benefit from the same 'all-Google' experience as the Nexus One and the Nexus S, which both feature completely up-to-date versions of the latest Android build.

The information comes via a source of Mobile Review’s and is so far unconfirmed by either Google or LG. However, though Mobile Review says the tablet will be ready late in the summer or early-fall, it’s unknown if the device will be a commercial product available to consumers or an internal device for Google development and testing.

Would you purchase a Nexus tablet running Honeycomb? Judging by LG’s efforts with its own tablet, the 3D-capable, Tegra 2-powered Honeycombed G-Slate, we can expect a seriously beefy Nexus tablet if all of this comes to fruition.

Check the full story on Mobile Review.

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  • krinkles619
    if it comes reasonably priced and can outperform the iPad2 and the Motorola XOOM then i would definitely get the Nexus tablet. hopefully they would release the Nexus tablet with all of it's features from the start as opposed to the XOOM which won't get flash for months after it's release
  • Anonymous
    I don't plan on getting a tablet anytime soon, but I do believe in glasses free 3D for the future. If they mature that technology by heavily integrating it into Android, I would seriously consider it as my first 3D device.
  • Anonymous
    Ipad irrelevant to me. Nexus tab; hell yeah! Will wait and see how this plays out