Google Working on Sky Dive Simulator Using Google Maps

With a presence in the phone, tablet, mapping, social networking, and advertising markets, Google's portfolio definitely contains a very wide range of products and services outside of search. Indeed, Mountain View seems to constantly be working on new and exciting projects. Case in point: Google and Instrument are this week showing off a sky diving simulator dubbed "Map Diving."

Google teamed up with Instrument to develop the Map Diving Exhibit for Google I/O. Instrument says Map Diving was built using using seven screens, Microsoft Kinect, multiple instances of Chrome mashed up with the Google Maps Javascript API v3, Web GL, 3D CSS, web sockets and node.js. Users dive down towards a zoomable Google map and the objective is to hit all the gates and bonus stars on the way down.

Attendees at Google I/O will be able to try it out for themselves next week. If you're not lucky enough to be going, you can check it out in the demo video below:

Maps Live: Skydiving at I/O with the Google Maps APIs and Chrome

Map Diving Demo

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  • stevejnb
    Strikes me as a pointless publicity stunt. Google does a lot of good stuff... This? Meh.
  • aoneone
    This + Oculus Rift and oh boy, we have loads of fun now! ^_^
  • JamesSneed
    I read this as Sky Drive instead of Sky Dive the first time. Google has Sky Dive and MS has Sky Drive, I need some Sky Vodka.