Google Launches Android Retail Shop: Androidland

Out of the three major mobile OS players in the North American market, Google is the only company without an actual brick-and-mortar shop focused on serving up dedicated devices. However that has now changed, as the search engine giant recently teamed up with Australian mobile telecommunications company Testra to throw open the doors to the very first Android-themed storefront, Androidland.

"Designed by Telstra in collaboration with Google and handset makers Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG, Androidland features displays and games that will help shoppers learn about Android phones and tablets," Google said in a blog on December 1. The group started designing the shop-within-a-shop back in July.

From the start, customers are greeted with interactive Android-themed windows outside the door. Upon entering, they're bombarded with a wash of green, white and black. The Android icon decorates the walls throughout while actual Android statues seemingly stand guard over the merchandise. The store even feature what Google calls the "spaceship," an interactive area where customers can Androidify themselves, fly through the sky using Google Earth and test-drive Android apps like Angry Birds via a giant touchscreen.

"We even have Gingerbread smells in the store," said Adrian Newport, GM Merchandising. "Androidland is all about fun, education for our customers, and the full experience."

So far there's no indication that an Android store is heading Stateside, but to be honest, it probably wouldn't hurt to build a few stores near Apple and Microsoft's own brick-and-mortar shops. Even more, build Android-themed playgrounds in front like McDonald's so the kids will ALWAYS want to go to Androidland and play while Mommy and Daddy look around. Eventually parents will give in a buy an Android phone or tablet... or go buy cookies.

Androidland - Telstra launches world-first Android store in Melbourne

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  • joytech22
    Melbourne? Damn.. Means I'd still have to fly there.
    Meh it's not that much to fly there from here (Sydney) soo.. Might go there just for fun haha.
  • AMD X6850
    Google and Australia's Testra

    telecommunications company Testra

  • Parsian
    The first thing I would do when i enter this store is to steal the lovely GIGANTIC LARGE ANDROID.