You Can Have Your Google Account Deleted When You Die

If you're reading Tom's Hardware, there's a good chance you live a pretty connected life. The fact of the matter is, thanks to laptop, smartphones, tablets, consoles and the internet, you probably have some sort of a digital footprint. So what happens to that footprint when you die? Google is going to let you decide. At least, it will as far as your Google account is concerned.

Google announced a brand new feature dubbed Inactive Account Manager that allows you to specify what you want done with your account when you leave this world. Essentially, if your account becomes inactive, Google will follow the instructions you gave when you set up your Inactive Account Manager.


The simplest solution is to choose to have your data deleted. You can set the period of inactivity to three, six, nine or 12 months. After the specified time has expired, Google will follow your orders and delete all your data. This covers everything from +1s, Blogger, Contacts, Circles, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Pages, Streams, Picasa, Google Voice and YouTube. The other option is to have Google share your account details with pre-determined contacts once the specified period of time runs out. Google says it will warn you before it takes any action by texting your cell number and emailing your secondary email address.

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  • Shin-san
    Well, makes about as much sense as a service going "Oh crap! You actually want to use AOL Mail!"
  • A Bad Day
    Facebook: "We store your data indefinitely. And you have no other options other than hacking our servers or not using our service!"
  • nebun
    how does this translate in account being deleted when you die???....I am a little confused