Gmail Update Introduces Drive Integration, 10GB File Sharing

Google has announced that Gmail users will be able to add links to files stored on Google Drive, which will allow for the sharing of files up to 10GB by email.

Upon composing a new email, users will be exposed to the option of inserting a file from Google Drive. As Drive files have already been uploaded to Google's cloud service, as well as the fact that it doesn't need to be directly attached to the email, much larger files can be inserted.

"Have you ever tried to attach a file to an email only to find out it's too large to send? Now with Drive, you can insert files up to 10GB - 400 times larger than what you can send as a traditional attachment," said product manager Phil Sharp.

Drive integration results in recipients always having access to the latest version of the file, with Gmail also checking whether all recipients have been granted access to a given document.

"Like a smart assistant, Gmail will also double-check that your recipients all have access to any files you're sending," Sharp added. "This works like Gmail's forgotten attachment detector: whenever you send a file from Drive that isn't shared with everyone, you'll be prompted with the option to change the file's sharing settings without leaving your email. It'll even work with Drive links pasted directly into emails."

Those who want to test the new functionality are required to opt in for the 'new compose experience' within Gmail. An invite can be seen on one's inbox page to the right of the 'More' button.


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  • teaser
    Now Wait a I can share files up to 10 gigs through gmail,but i cant send my buddy a rar file or zip through gmail?.....WTF
  • mrmaia
    The automatic update and access stuff is awesome, though it could cause a little confusion if something mentioned in the email body is altered before the recipient reads the message, or if you don't want everybody you forwarded it to to be granted eternal access to your file.

    Now I don't see much use in bragging about how you can send 10GB files in an email. Are 1080p movies allowed into Drive? :)
  • in_the_loop
    And not to forget that sending a 10 GB file isn't free.
    Your google drive account is only at 5 GB, unless you pay.
    Bad considering most people think google is giving you free ad-supported stuff.