Dropbox Exceeds 100 Million Users

Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced that it has reached the 100 million user milestone.

The firm, which is now five years old, announced the milestone today in a blog written by founder Drew Houston.

"Once upon a time, Dropbox had its humble beginnings in a Boston train station when I forgot my USB stick at home," he said. "We're still unsure if it was fate or fluke, but one thing's stayed the same all these years: each of us has a unique reason for using Dropbox."

Houston told The New York Times that the aforementioned figure represents a user base that has quadrupled in the last year due to more consumers and small businesses utilizing the service.

Dropbox's journey to the coveted 100 million user mark, however, hasn't been easy. It experienced a glitch earlier in 2012 which resulted in users receiving spam through personal e-mail accounts. The company stressed that it's taking steps to improve security.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the milestone, the service is offering a giveaway. It's giving away 10GB for life for its top 100 favorite stories and 100GB for life for its top 10 favorites.

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  • soccerdocks
    I guess I'm part of that.
  • olaf
    good now how about increasing the size of my storage from 2gb to 5gb at least from default
  • LuckyDucky7
    So 1 in 70 people who currently exist today use this service.