Which Purple mattress should you buy in Memorial Day sales? I'm a sleep writer — here's my take

Image shows the Purple Plus mattress on a wooden bed frame in a pink bedroom
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The Purple mattress sale has started, and while these aren't likely to be the biggest deals we'll see this Memorial Day, there are some good savings here already. Purple mattresses have a uniquely supportive feel with excellent pressure relief and sales are rare, so should be taken advantage of. But which Purple mattress should you buy in the Memorial Day sales and how do you choose?

When looking for the best mattress for your body and budget, it's also important to consider how the bed will suit your sleep style. Thanks to the GelFlex Grid used in all Purple mattresses, you can expect adaptable support and impressive cooling. However, while Purple mattresses can be surprisingly versatile, each bed has it's own advantages (and disadvantages). 

In this guide, I'm focusing on three Purple beds that our team of expert mattress testers have had a chance to try: the Purple Original Mattress, the Purple Plus Mattress, and the Purple Rejuvenate mattress.

The biggest saving right now is on the Rejuvenate, with $500 off the Purple Rejuvenate Mattress at Purple. But there's deals on all the beds featured here, so let's check out which Purple mattress to buy in the Memorial Day mattress sales.

What is a Purple mattress? 

Purple makes some of the best mattresses in a box for all sleepers, and we've tested many of them. There's one feature that brings all Purple mattresses together: the GelFlex Grid. The USP of Purple mattresses, the GelFlex Grid is made from hyper-elastic polymer molded into a geometric grid design. 

Sitting just beneath the surface of every Purple mattress, the GelFlex Grid can quickly move and rebound, able to adapt to the shape of whatever applies pressure to it. This makes the grid great at providing both support and relief. The grid design also enhances breathability, providing Purple mattresses with excellent temperature regulation.

Because of the GelFlex Grid, Purple mattresses feel like nothing else – and this can be a good and bad thing. I'll be honest, when lying on a Purple mattress, you know the GelFlex Grid is there. Most sleepers get used to it quickly, but it's not for everyone. That's why many people then opt for one of the best memory foam mattresses instead for a more traditional contouring feel.

Purple mattresses: Price & trials

For the most part, Purple mattresses are premium beds, with just a few options falling into the upper mid-range price bracket. However, Purple is also the only brand with GelFlex Grid technology. So if you want the unique support of the GelFlex, you'll need to invest in a Purple mattress.

There are three Purple ranges. The Essential range, with foam-based beds including the Original and Plus mattresses. The Restore range, a series of hybrid beds featuring the Restore, the RestorePlus, and the RestorePremier. Finally, the luxurious Rejuvenate range, consisting of the Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate Plus, and Rejuvenate Premier mattress.

As an overview, a queen Purple Original has an MSRP of $1,499. A queen Purple Restore has an MSRP of $2,399, while a queen Rejuvenate has an MSRP of $5,495.

Purple mattress in a bedroom

The Purple Original Mattress (Image credit: Purple)

Purple mattress sales and deals are semi-regular, but you won't get the evergreen discounts we see from other sleep brands. The biggest savings are often on the hybrid beds, and typical sale from Purple takes somewhere from $100 to $600 off. Purple has experimented with bundle deals as well – offering free bedding with your purchase – but it's not unusual to see no deal at Purple. When there's a sale on, we recommend making the most of it. 

Every mattress in the Purple collection comes with a 100-night mattress trial and a 10-year warranty, plus free delivery and returns. This is pretty standard for a mattress, so while we wouldn't describe the benefits as bad, we might expect better for beds in this price bracket.

Purple mattresses: Design

Every mattress in the Purple Essentials range has the same basic design: a SoftFlex cover, an upper layer of GelFlex Grid technology, foam layers beneath, and edge support foam around the perimeter.

The primary difference is in those base layers of foam. The PurpleFlex features just a single base layer of foam, with a short build that makes it best for guest rooms. The Purple Original adds a layer of comfort foam, while the Purple Plus upgrades to an Ultra comfort foam and adds double layers of base foam.

Two hands press against the Purple GelFlex Grid, demonstrating its support and pressure relief

A close-up of the Purple GelFlex Grid technology (Image credit: Purple)

The Restore and Rejuvenate collections are hybrid beds. Like the Essentials range, they feature the GelFlex Grid and foams, but they also add a layer of coils. These beds have a bouncier, more responsive feel, as well as increased air flow.

The Rejuvenate collection steps things up in terms of luxury. Featuring a plush quilted Euro pillow-top and a zoned coil layer, the Rejuvenate collection is the most supportive and sumptuous of the Purple range. And while it maintains the unique GelFlex Grid, Rejuvenate mattresses switch the standard grid for a high-density version, further enhancing pressure relief.

Purple mattresses: Support & comfort

The Purple Original and Purple Plus mattresses are both part of the Essentials range, the most affordable Purple collection. Built with foams and the GelFlex Grid, these beds aren't exactly memory foam mattresses, but they aren't traditional hybrids either.

So what kind of sleep experience do you get with the Original and the Plus? Both beds offer an adaptable pressure relief that molds to the body to limit aches and pains. The GelFlex Grid allows for increased air flow – the Purple Original is one of our best cooling mattresses – and it also offers excellent motion isolation, making the Original and Plus a good choice for bed sharers.

Purple Rejuvenate Mattress in a luxury bedroom

The Purple Rejuvenate Mattress (Image credit: Purple Mattress)

In our Purple Original Mattress review, our expert tester found the bed great for side sleepers, earning it a place in our best mattress for side sleepers guide. In our Purple Plus Mattress review, our testing panel found this bed comfortable for pretty much any sleep position, and one of the best mattresses for back pain.

The Purple Rejuvenate is firmer than the beds in the Essential range, better suited for back and stomach sleepers. Our testing panel was pleased with the spinal alignment and lasting pressure relief in our Purple Rejuvenate Mattress review, and the addition of coils also increased the edge support (an issue for the Original and Plus).

Purple mattresses: Which should you buy?

Buy the Purple Mattress if...

You're on a budget: The Purple Original is the second cheapest mattress in the Purple range, and an affordable way to try the GelFlex Grid technology. The PurpleFlex is slightly cheaper at Purple, but in the current sale, I think it's worth upgrading to the Original. The taller build offers better support.

You want excellent cooling: The open geometric design of the GelFlex Grid encourages air flow, helping keep the Purple Original an even temperature overnight. 

You like to move around in the night: Every time you move position, the responsive GelFlex Grid will move with you, so you never lose supportive. But don't worry if you share a bed – the tight grid shape stops your motion from disturbing your partner.

Purple Original Mattress:  $899 at Purple

Purple Original Mattress: was from $999 | $899 at Purple
There's $100 off all sizes of the Purple Original mattress, taking a queen down to $1,399 (from $1,499). You can increase the discount by adding a bed frame, which will get you up to $200 off. A massive saving? No, but we rarely see much better from Purple, and with a queen just $100 more expensive than the PurpleFlex, budget-conscious shoppers should opt for this taller mattress.

Buy the Purple Plus Mattress if...

You share a bed: Both the Purple Original and the Plus offer good motion isolation, but for couples, I recommend the Plus. The thicker foams do a better job at stopping even minor movement, while the deeper build suits a bigger range of sleep styles (so you and your partner can both stay comfortable).

You suffer from joint pain: Contouring closely to the body, the adaptable GelFlex Grid manages to match your every position, taking the pressure off the joints so you can wake up without aches and pains.

You want full-body support: The Purple Plus responds to the pressure applied, providing just the right amount of support where you need. It's soft at the legs, firm at the hips, gentle on the arms, yet supportive at the shoulders.

Purple Plus Mattress: $1,199 at Purple

Purple Plus Mattress: was from $1,499 | $1,199 at Purple
With $300 off all sizes of the Purple Plus, this is a significant saving on a bed that rarely features in big sales. A queen is down to just $1,599, and if you want to upgrade with an adjustable bed frame, there's another $100 off. We might see a bigger saving on (or after) Memorial Day, but there's also a chance this is the best Purple will offer.

Buy the Purple Rejuvenate Hybrid Mattress if...

You want a luxurious feel: The Rejuvenate mattress adds a cushioned Euro pillow-top to the hybrid design, bringing a plush feel that's missing from the Essentials collection. It's also luxuriously deep, measuring a whopping 15.5 inches tall.

You prefer a traditional sleep feel: No Purple bed is ever going to feel completely traditional, but the hybrid design of the Rejuvenate brings this closer to the bouncy feel of a classic innerspring. Pair it with a plush Euro Top, and you have a bed similar to a classic hybrid, with the added benefit of the Purple GelFlex Grid.

You like to sit on the edge of the bed: Edge support is an issue for the Essential beds, but the Rejuvenate mattress has a supportive perimeter. You can push against the sides to get out of bed without feeling like you're sinking.

Purple Rejuvenate Mattress: $3,995 at Purple

Purple Rejuvenate Mattress: was from $4,495 | $3,995 at Purple
There's no way to sugarcoat it: the Purple Rejuvenate is an expensive mattress, even on sale. However, you do get 15.5 inches of plush, pressure relieving comfort for that price. There's $500 off all sizes, reducing a queen to $4,995. Pricey, yes, but still a good saving.

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