DreamCloud mattress is 50% off in flash sale — here's why you should buy now and not wait for Presidents' Day

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The DreamCloud Mattress is a popular choice among people looking for hotel-quality beds on a budget, and it's now even cheaper thanks to an ongoing flash sale with prices starting from just $349. That means you can save 50% on the DreamCloud Hybrid at DreamCloud Sleep with a queen reduced to $665 (was $1,332). That's an excellent price for a hybrid bed of this quality, especially when you factor in the 365-night trial and lifetime warranty. The DreamCloud memory foam now starts from $349, while the hybrid starts from $419.

But with the Presidents' Day mattress sales right around the corner (February 19th), should you buy the DreamCloud in this flash sale or wait until February to see if better offers arrive? We've been covering the DreamCloud mattress sales for years so we know when the offer is genuinely good or when it's something we see most months from the sleep brand. The good news is that this 50% off deal is the cheapest we've seen in months, so now is definitely the best time to buy. 

There is a small chance that DreamCloud Sleep will launch another 50% off sale for Presidents' Day, but, based on past years' sales, we doubt it. We also highly doubt the discount will be greater than 50%, so if you want the DreamCloud at the cheapest price, we'd advise buying now rather than potentially missing out. The DreamCloud Hybrid ranks highly in our official best mattress for all sleepers guide, and this is a superb price with a queen down to $799. 

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Was: From $839
Now: From $419 at DreamCloud
: Up to $1,090 

Summary: The best hybrid mattresses are great for support and comfort, and the DreamCloud hybrid is no exception. It stands at 14" and sits in the mid-range bracket at MSRP, but falls nicely within the upper-end of the budget market when on sale. It has four internal foam layers, including gel-infused memory foam to provide pressure relief, and one layer of individually wrapped springs for air circulation and bounce. While hybrid mattress springs tend to make the bed to buoyant for couples, the motion isolation in the DreamCloud Hybrid is excellent for bed-sharers. It also sleeps cool, with the breathable cover and spring tier keeping our testers feeling dry and refreshed. While our DreamCloud Mattress review found the bed to provide luxurious comfort and support to all sleep styles and even those with back and hip pain, some may find this hybrid too firm. 

Price history: The evergreen discount on a DreamCloud Mattress is 40%, with the brand tending to reserve the 50% off discounts for flash sales – of which we have seen a few since October last year. We'd highly recommend buying today as, based on past Presidents' Day sales, DreamCloud Sleep might revert to its standard 40% off discount in February. In addition to this half-price discount, you'll also get a 1-year sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, ad free delivery and returns.

Benefits: One year trial | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping

Are hybrid mattresses better?

The reason why hybrid mattress are often believed to be better (and more expensive) than other mattresses is that they combine the best of both worlds: the body-hugging comfort of a memory foam bed mixed with the breathability and bouncy support of an innerspring mattress. 

The layer of springs adds air circulation, which is often needed in memory foam beds as they tend to trap heat. Likewise, memory foam can make an innerspring bed softer and add more body-hugging comfort. While hybrids often combine springs and foams, they can also combine latex (Dunlop or Talalay) with coils. 

In short, hybrid beds are better in a sense that they provide a luxurious, comforting feel with breathability and bounce. However, there are many memory foam beds that use cooling tech to offset heat-trapping tendencies of foam.  

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