5 RV mattresses I'd buy in today's Memorial Day sales — save up to $897

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Adventure's calling! But that shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice your sleep. If you're the lucky owner of an RV or campervan, you can take the comfort and support of the best mattresses on the road with you.

I've hunted down 5 of the best RV mattresses discounted in today's Memorial Day mattress sales. Top mattress brands including Helix, Brooklyn Bedding and Ghosted have all slashed their bed prices, which means you can get a luxury RV mattress for under $1,000 - but be quick, these deals are due to end today.

As more of us embrace #vanlife, some of the best mattress brands have thrown their weight behind creating comfortable and supportive sleep surfaces for travellers on the move, resulting in a wide range of RV and short queen mattresses. (top tip|: make sure you measure your campervan before buying). Here are the 5 RV mattresses that are live and ready to shop in today's Memorial Day sales... 

1. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid 
Was: Now: Saving:

1. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid 
from $1,332 (short full)
Now: from $932
Saving: up to $480 at Brooklyn Bedding

Summary: The Brooklyn Bedding makes some of the best mattresses in a box around, and this hybrid will ensure you get full comfort wherever you may be. This mattress has a couple of different sizes that are suitable for an RV including a short queen and then three RV King sizes that slightly differ in length, so you're sure to find your perfect fit. This mattress also comes in three firmness options, you can choose between soft, medium and firm. It’s constructed of layers of contouring comfort foam with 8” individually encased coils for extra comfort, edge support and exceptional motion isolation for anyone who wants to have a nap whilst the RV is still on the road. There is also an option to add a cooling pillow top, and whilst this will eat up a little more of your budget, if you’re in your RV during the summer months, you may need that extra layer of cooling comfort. 

Price history: Brooklyn Bedding are pretty generous with their sales and we often see around 20-25% being taken off their prices. But this current 30% off is one of the best prices we’ve seen all year. You can get a short queen Signature Hybrid for just $932 (was $1,332).  The RV king options are all priced the same coming in at $1,119 down from $1,599. Brooklyn Bedding also offer free shipping, a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty. 

Benefits: 10-year warranty | 120-night trial | Free shipping

2. Montana Hybrid - BESTWas: 

2. Montana Hybrid - BEST
Was: from $1,176 (RV full)
from $823
up to $484 at Wilderness RV mattresses

Summary: This mattress is one of the most luxurious mattresses you can get for your RV. In fact, the company specializes in making RV mattresses and have designed each layer to work with the conditions you’ll experience with life on the road.  It comes in a range of comfort levels including firm, plush and soft pillow top so whatever your preferred sleeping style you’re covered. It also has one of the best ranges of sizes suitable for an RV we’ve seen. Starting at a RV full size there is also an RV queen, RV short king and RV king.  You’re going to feel super comfortable with this mattress as it has layers of responsive memory foam and individually wrapped coils but there is also a cooling, quilted pillow top which will help keep hot sleepers cool and will be especially useful during the summer months. 

Price history: Wilderness RV mattresses do run regular sales and ramp up their discount during the main sales holidays. The current 30% discount is as good as you’re going to see, at least for the rest of the year and it brings the prices of these mattresses down to the mid-range bracket. You can get a Montana Hybrid RV queen size for $960 (was $1372) at Wilderness RV mattress which is a saving of over $400. It also has some good perks with 100-night sleep trial, 10 year warranty plus free shipping to continental US, if you’re in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii there is a $149 shipping fee.

Benefits: 100-night sleep trial | 10 year warranty | Free shipping and returns

3. GhostBed RVWas: 

3. GhostBed RV
Was: from $1,495 (short queen)
from $748
up to $897 at GhostBed

Summary: When adventure calls the GhostBed RV mattress will ensure you get a super cosy night's sleep. It comes in just two sizes a a short queen and a short king plus there is a hybrid version if you prefer your beds with a little bit of bounce. This all foam mattress will suit all type of sleeper and has great motion isolation ideal for sharing with a partner or if you want to sleep whilst someone drives you to your destination. This mattress has three layers starting off with a quilted cover that is cool to the touch and infused with a cooling fibre so you won’t overheat, there’s then a 1” layer of gel memory foam also designed to help keep you cool as well as offering pressure relief and a final 8” layer of high-density foam that will keep your spine in perfect alignment so no more waking up with back or joint pain.  

Price history: We are used to seeing evergreen sales from GhostBed but this is one of their best sales with 50% off all mattresses. This means you can get a short queen GhostBed RV mattress for just $748 (was $1,495) at GhostBed. The short king size is also great value at $898 which is a saving of $897 off the full MSRP of $1,795. And as if those savings aren’t enough, the Memorial Day sale at GhostBed means that two free pillows are also included. This mattress enjoys a 101-night sleep trial, free shipping within 24 hours and a 20 year warranty. 

Benefits: 101-night sleep trial | 20-year warranty | Free shipping

4. Cool Bliss 8” Memory foam RV mattress
Now: Saving:

4. Cool Bliss 8” Memory foam RV mattress
from $1,186
from $949
Saving: up to $257 at PlushBeds

Who says you can’t have luxury when you’re on the road because with the Cool Bliss 8” Memory Foam RV mattress you’ll not only be comfortable but you’ll be cool too. This mattress uses gel-infused memory foam to create a soft and cooling top layer whilst a high-density core layer will ease pressure points, this makes it the perfect option for all types of sleeper. It comes in two sizes that are ideal for RV’s, there is the RV special which 78” long and 48” wide or a short queen measuring 75” long by 60” wide. This mattress is also Hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and mildew resistant for a healthier night’s sleep. 

Pricing history: PlushBeds do run regular sales so you’ll never pay full MSRP for one of their mattresses. And whilst this is a decent sale, it’s certainly not the deepest discount we’ve seen the brand offer. That said you are getting a premium mattress at mid-range price point so it’s still great value for money. The RV special mattress is now priced at just $949 down from $1,186 meaning you save $237 at PlushBeds. This does also include a generous 20-year warranty, a 100-night trial and free shipping. Although, do be aware that if you are going to return your mattress for any reason there will be a $149 fee. 

Benefits:  100-night sleep trial | 20-year warranty | Free shipping 

5. Helix Midnight
Was: Now: Saving:

5. Helix Midnight
from $1,332
Now: from $999
Saving: up to $437 at Helix Sleep

Summary: The Helix Midnight is one of the best hybrid mattresses around right now and with two sizes, the queen short and RV king suitable for RV’s it’s a great option. This is a medium-feel mattress that is suitable for all types of sleep thanks to its hybrid design. It uses pressure-relieving memory foam with contouring foams and supportive steel coils for not only a comfortable sleep but a cool one too. For super hot sleepers there is an option to upgrade to a GlacioTex pillow top but the standard cover also has a breathable design that provides exceptional airflow. 

Price history: We always see great offers at Helix but the current 25% off is pretty standard. That said, it’s still an epic price point making this one of the best value hybrids you can buy today. A Helix Midnight short queen costs just $999 down from the MSRP of $1,332 at Helix Sleep. Whilst an RV king will set you back $1,311 saving $437 off the list price.  Helix’s Memorial Day sales also include a free dream pillow set worth $150. This mattress has a 10-year warranty, 100-night sleep trial and Free US shipping. 

Benefits:  Free shipping | 100-night sleep trial | 10-year warranty. 

RV king vs short queen: Which mattress size do I need?

The Brooklyn Bedding Wanderlust RV Mattress show on a chrome bed frame inside a stylish RV

(Image credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

US mattress sizes are pretty standard, we’re used to seeing full, queen, king and cal king beds on sale. However, when it comes to finding the right mattress for your RV, the sizes can vary from brand to brand. The first thing we recommend you do is measure the space where your mattress will go, this will give you a clearer idea of what you need to look for when buying an RV mattress, and you can’t just assume that the mattress manufacture will follow a standard size when it comes to RV mattresses so always read the dimensions.

There are two main mattress sizes that suit an RV, this is the short queen and RV king. The short queen measures 60” x 75” whilst a regular queen is 60” x 80”, so as you can see, the short queen, is actually 5” shorter. An RV king is typically,  72” x 80” where as a regular king is 76” x 80” so an RV king is slightly narrower width wise. 

Some mattress manufacturers such as Brooklyn Bedding have multiple RV king options with either concessions being made on the width or length so that is why you need to always measure your space.   There is also. Short king option which could work in an RV which measures 72” x 75” which is both narrower and shorter than standard. 

There are also other RV sizes available, such as the RV full which is 53” x 75” in comparison to a regular full which is 54” x 75”. And RV bunk which is between 28-35” wide and 75-80” long depending on what manufacturer you opt for. 

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