Windows Drops Below 90-Percent Market Share


You will have to go deep into the history books of desktop computing to find market share numbers of desktop operating systems, but it appears that the last time Microsoft was at about 90% was somewhere around 1990, when Windows 3.0 was introduced.

According to Net Applications, the main reason for the decline of Windows (down to 89.7%) is the rise of iOS, which is now at 2.05% - and argument that, of course, only applies if you agree to consider iOS as a desktop OS. Mac OS X keeps gaining, but is still in the 5% range (5.25%) and Linux holds the just-under-1% mark (0.95%).

In a certain way, you could argue that Microsoft has a problem, despite its stellar Windows 7 sales. Windows 7 is now at 22.31%, up 1.44 points from December. However, XP and Vista are losing share faster than Windows 7 can gain (XP is down to 55.26% and Vista down to 11.66%). The scenario may be a bit distorted because of the inclusion of iOS in the statistic, but there is surely a trend that should make Microsoft think. There was a time when IE dropped below 90% market share and Microsoft now has to find creative ways not to lose the 50% bar.

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