This Gadget Untangles One of the Biggest Problems With Hairdryers

LAS VEGAS — I've stopped blowdrying. It takes way too long, my bathroom is too small, everything gets frizzy and, worst of all, the heat damages my hair.

At CES 2019, we got a look at the Volo Go, a wireless, infrared hairdryer that aims to solve all of these problems. Once it hits the market by mid-year, I may just start drying again.

The most unique feature of the Volo Go is its infrared technology. A Volo representative told me that the Go can dry hair in as little as half the time a conventional dryer might take. It's also supposed to smooth your locks out and eliminate frizz. But most importantly, it deals significantly less damage. 

How does it pull this off? Volvo told me that you don't just get less heat — you get different, or "softer," heat. The Go delivers "radiant" convection, the same warmth that comes from the sun or a microwave (as opposed to forced air, which competing hairdryers use).

The center button powers the device on and off. The right button toggles between heat levels; the left blasts cool air.

The center button powers the device on and off. The right button toggles between heat levels; the left blasts cool air.

You also can't knock the benefit of a wireless hairdryer. I can definitely see myself drying while cooking breakfast, cleaning my apartment, or getting dressed — all impossibilities when your device must stay attached to the wall. At a little more than over two pounds, the Go is definitely heavier than most conventional luxury hairdryers, but I could still comfortably use it with one arm. And if the device holds up to its claim of increased efficiency and healthier heat, I'll probably be willing to work a bit harder.

Is this the hairdryer of the future? Not quite yet: At $399, it's still a luxury device, competitive with luxury dryers such as the Dyson Supersonic. But Volo told me that a smaller, more affordable version is in the works. If you can't afford the Volo Go's hefty price tag, prefer sticking to a lighter dryer, or aren't sold on the benefits of infrared, it may be worth waiting for this model.

But while I haven't yet been able to verify the benefits of the Volo Go, if the device holds up, I'm looking forward to drying my hair faster and guilt-free.

Credit: Monica Chin/Tom's Guide

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