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Vizio Also Ditches Plasma TV Technology

When it comes to high-definition televisions, the brands and makes most commonly on our minds are Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, and even still, Pioneer. What most Americans take home with them, however, are Vizio sets.

Vizio made a name for itself by selling HDTVs at prices hundreds below the other more traditional electronics company brands. Customers would compare the specifications from the boxes of a given Vizio HDTV, see features similar to what the pricier brands advertise as well, and then choose the more budget-conscious option. As it is, Vizio televisions are one of the top selling brands in the U.S., catering to the mainstream consumer.

Now, it’s Vizio that is being conscious of costs and has decided to drop plasma TV technology from its product line. Going forward, all of Vizio’s HDTV sets will be of the LCD variety. Existing models that utilize plasma technology will continue to be sold on the market until production ends and inventory runs out, but all the new products will be LCD only.

The New York Times reported that Vizio found the plasma TVs don’t show well under in-store lighting, which is typically flooded by fluorescent or halogen lights -- conditions that few HDTV’s will be viewed after taken home. LCDs have the advantage of extra brightness, making them an easier sell to the consumer who bases his or her purchase off of the display models. For this reason, Vizio decided to make LCD the only type of TV it’ll have on store shelves.

With Pioneer having decided to ditch the HDTV business altogether, and Vizio now LCD-only, the only plasma TV makers left standing in the North American market are LG, Panasonic and Samsung. Are plasma’s days numbered?