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Verizon Pushes Android Pay By Offering Users Extra Data

Verizon wants you to start using your phone to pay for more things. And the wireless carrier is willing to throw some extra data at its subscribers to bring them on board.

Verizon will give its subscribers 2GB of data for using Android Pay, Google's mobile payment system that's built into Android phones. The extra data is good for two billing cycles, the carrier says.

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To take Verizon up on its offer, open the Android Pay app to get started. (The app's already preinstalled on many newer phones, but you can download Android Pay from the Google Play store if you don't already have it.) Use Android Pay once at any of the 1.5 million locations that accepts Google's mobile payments, and you'll get 1GB of data from Verizon. You'll get a second gigabyte boost to your data plan after using Android Pay two more times.

Android Pay works with all Android devices that support Near Field Communication (NFC) and run Android 4.4 or later. Paying is simply a matter of tapping your phone on an NFC terminal at your favorite store.

Verizon has a habit of using added data as a lure for its subscribers. Currently, the carrier is offering an extra 2GB of data each month to customers who sign up for a 12GB or higher data plan. Since that promotion can be combined with Verizon's Android Pay offer, a subscriber could wind up with a pool of 16GB of data for the next couple months just by using mobile payments.