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Sharp, Toshiba Collaborate On LCDs/Semiconductors

Osaka and Tokyo (Japan) - Sharp Corporation and Toshiba Corporation announced today their intentions to form a close partnership with regards to their respective LCD and semiconductor businesses. The two companies will share all manner of research and development, strengthening both company’s portfolio of expertise and resources.

Sharp will provide 32" and larger LCD displays to Toshiba, while Toshiba will provide system LSIs for LCDs to Sharp. LSIs compensate for the lag time in LCDs which create motion blur. As video signals grow in complexity, size and data load (higher resolutions, faster frame rates), the need for high-speed, advanced semiconductor processors to handle the volume of data increases significantly. 1080p signals at 60fps today exceed 415 MB/s of throughput. It would take an array of more than eight 50 MB/s hard drives to sustain a real-time write of that much data. That’s nearly four times as much data as a single Gigabit Ethernet signal could handle.

The partnership will help both companies maintain their desire of bringing a continuous high-end supply of LCD products into the market. Sharp currently employs 57,600. Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today comprises a global network of more than 670 companies with 191,000 employees, and annual sales in excess of $60 billion.

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