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Samsung Makes World's Thinnest LCD Yet at 0.15''

Image credit: Akihabara News

(Image credit: Image credit: Akihabara News)

When it comes to technology, thin is still in. No matter what is, we always marvel at the slim laptops or cell phones. Of course, the slimming of mobile products makes sense, since they aid in portability. But now we get to marvel at the slimness of the latest Samsung LCD, which measures just 3.9mm thick (or thin).

Despite being around 0.15-inches thick – about a third of the thickness of previous models – the LCD gives up nothing in high-definition quality. It features a 120Hz LCD panel and a 5000:1 contrast ratio, according to Akihabara News.

Sadly, this panel isn't integrated into any shipping product yet, but Samsung is surely working on it.