Netgear Dual-Band Router Offers Private Cloud

Monday Netgear announced the worldwide availability of its N600 Premium Edition (WNDR3800) wireless dual-band Gigabit router. This is the first Netgear home-based router for general consumers that offers the company's Clear Channel Selector tech for automatically and dynamically avoiding busy Wi-Fi channels, and its ReadySHARE Cloud service for easily and securely accessing personal files from anywhere.

"ReadySHARE Cloud transforms a USB hard drive or flash drive plugged into the USB port of the N600 Premium Edition into a private 'cloud' storage system for securely accessing and sharing files within the home network or across the Internet," the company said. "There's no need to go through the lengthy process of selecting a public file-sharing site and then uploading files, and no worries about privacy policies or what happens if the service suddenly goes out of business."

The router specs include a 680 MHz processor, 16 MB of flash memory and 128 MB of RAM. It also features "guest" access, support for the DLNA standard, support for expanded TiVo storage, four gigabit Ethernet ports, dual-band wireless-N for simultaneous speeds of up to 600 Mbps (divided between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands), automatic Quality-of-Service, automatic Wi-Fi security, and even support for open-source firmware.

What's more, users can plug a printer directly into the router's one USB port and share it across the local network. There's also a dedicated wireless channel specifically for HD video streaming, and parental controls for keeping the Internet experience safe using flexible and customizable filter settings.

"The N600 Premium Edition brings a new level of sophistication to home networks," said Som Pal Choudhury, Netgear director of product marketing. "The unprecedented feature set of this advanced router makes wireless connections more reliable, breaks down the barriers to file-sharing in the cloud and much more – yet it's easy to set up and manage. This is the future of home networking, and it's here today."

Netgear's N600 Premium Edition (WNDR3800) router is now available worldwide from major retailers – in stores and online – at $179.99 in the United States. The ReadySHARE Cloud apps for iOS and Android devices are also available now at $2.99.

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  • del35
    Nice hardware, but it will be likely deemed too complicated by the morons currently being suckered into the likes of the Apple cloud. Only a imbecile pays a company like Apple to store his music and other files, not to mention trusting a nefarious litigiousness parasite as Apple with his personal information.

  • speakmymind
    I don't understand the fuzz, apple has already made a device that serves the same function, and it's called airport extreme. they cost virtually the same. why would some people choose netgear over apple.
  • johnsmithhatesVLC
    So FTPs are now called "Private Clouds"?
  • okibrian
    Yes, and I'm sure someone will tell you that Apple invented that as well. Just wait. It's just like fishing, some dumb ass will always take the hook. :D
  • skaz
    Accessing readyshare can be done through HTTP and FTP with current gen 3700 model routers.

    But I am curious if they added VPN support.

    And to top it off they are charging for the app to access the router. Bad move in my opinion.
  • If this device had PoE it would be "Premium".
  • roagie
    Ummm this is not the same as an airport extreme, that comment was ridiculous.

    Private cloud?? yay, are we renaming things now? I thought this was just VPN. Also sharing files on your own network is not "cloud" at all. It's called the cloud because when they drew out networks the point beyond your demarc or the "internet" was drawn as a cloud. Anything on your network cannot be part of the "cloud" because TADAAA it's on your network. I guess I'm just old though and unable to "grasp" the new hip lingo being sold to the sheep...

    but since we are naming things, I'm gonna rename apple to Hay, because the sheep eat it up.
  • festerovic
    @roagie -

    Spot on, and hilarious too.
  • fuxxnuts
    when will people stop buying poorly supported, poorly implemented netgear products? never...too many sheep flocking towards this cruddy company.
  • sundragon
    fuxxnutswhen will people stop buying poorly supported, poorly implemented netgear products? never...too many sheep flocking towards this cruddy company.
    Thanks... considering all the Apple bashing (you people need to have more sex and stop hating, lol) and this article has nothing to do about an Apple product... My experience with Netgear (personal and client) has been awful! Lack of support and wishy firmware...