20 of the Best Windows Phone 7 Apps So Far

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  • Saljen
    So I've been using WP7 since day one... And I hate to say it, but your compilation of apps makes it's situation seem rather dire, when really you just chose poor apps. There are a lot more useful and plain better apps out there than the ones in this list. That's not to say none of the ones chosen here are good, there are plenty, but just saying that for a compilation of WP7's best 20 apps, there are much better ones available. The market is already full of amazing apps, and quality trumps quantity any day of the week.
  • Anonymous
    Wow, this really does look dire, when a unit converter and a bubble level make the list. Yikes.

    Oh well, at least it has Netflix, which is more than i can say for my Android phone. I'll have to take a closer look at the apps again when a Verizon handset comes out.
  • Anonymous
    Well this is a terrible list. Last.fm? IMDb? eBay? Tesco Delivery (ok, it's probably uk only), WeatherBug, Wordpress, BigOven, TouchNote, Tube Companion (only relevant to london)...