olloclip Active Lens Set Review: Capture the Great Outdoors

olloclip's most expensive lens kit for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the Active lens set, which is aimed at outdoor shooters. It includes an ultrawide and a telephoto lens, letting you capture wide vistas and get closer to wildlife.

Credit: olloclipCredit: olloclipThe ultrawide lens increases the viewing angle of the iPhone 7 Plus camera to about 155 degrees. That's a bit short of a fish-eye lens, but the effect is similar, including the distortion effect, in which straight objects located away from the center of the frame become curved. While you don't get is the circular view effect of the fish-eye lens, this lens is great for wide landscapes and group shots. 

Credit: Richard BaguleyCredit: Richard BaguleyWatch where you place the people for the latter, though, as the distortion effect isn't flattering for those at the edge of the frame. Image quality is pretty good: Photos contained the same bright, clean colors that the iPhone usually captures. However, some fine details in images are lost in a slight fuzzy haze, especially at the edge of the frame. 

Credit: Richard BaguleyCredit: Richard BaguleyThe telephoto lens doubles the focal length of the iPhone camera lens and decreases the field of view to get you closer to the action. It works well for shooting smaller, distant objects like pets or small children, as it provides a more intimate, closer look.

Credit: Richard BaguleyCredit: Richard BaguleyDon't expect to be able to get into the action on the sports field, though: the telephoto lens is not that powerful. The zoom function of the iPhone 7 Plus camera app becomes somewhat unreliable, as the olloclip blocks the iPhone 7 Plus' second camera lens. We also found that the telephoto lens produces some significant vignetting, which means the corners of the image are visibly darker than the center.

Credit: olloclipCredit: olloclipThe set also includes the clip that attaches the lens to the phone body, along with a combination holder and phone stand. Clips and stands are included for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a lens kit that lets you both zoom in and capture a wider view of the world around you, Olloclip's Active lens set is a good option.

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