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Mozilla to Unveil Partners for B2G at MWC

The mobile operating system, which uses some of the same low-level building blocks that are used in Android, is expected to resemble much of the same look and feel that Mozilla has created in Firefox for Android.

According to CTO Brendan Eich, Mozilla will be revealing B2G partners at Mobile World Congress (MWC), which comes as a surprise as the development of B2G has been kept rather quiet and there has been some doubt about whether Mozilla would be able to pull through with its idea for a mobile operating system. However, if Mozilla was able to stick to its roadmap, then we will be seeing the Gaia user interface with support for Firefox, an (open web apps) application store, a media player, a camera, an eBook reader and a settings manager.

According to Mozilla's roadmap, the Q1 deadline also includes sensor support (based on the Android backend) integrated into Gecko, though it appears that support for Bluetooth, USB and NFC are delayed. Mozilla said that B2G will not be compatible with Android and not run Android apps. Of course, B2G is pitched as an alternative to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, but we remember that there has been a rather intriguing idea for a Mozilla phone some time ago: If Mozilla can enable hardware makers to build a device similar to the Seabird phone, it may have a shot in a cut-throat market.

  • eddieroolz
    The mockups loook a lot like BB10 to me.
  • If they can even make Seabird, I'lll be interested
  • alidan
    mobrocketwhat would be great is if google decides to make android motorola exclusive and mozilla can sell to samsung and the gang...more choices more competation the betterno it doesn't... at least in video games, to much choice add cost to what is already expensive to develop for... i cant help but think that if there is to much choice there wont be enough money to sink into a few good options that really benefit everyone.