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Kim Dotcom Offers To Go US in Exchange for Money

Dotcom is all over Twitter these days, feeding his 91,000 followers frequent comments and images that update the public on his activities at his New Zealand mansion. Among the more noteworthy tweets was a hey-you-note to the U.S. Department of Justice:

"Hey DOJ, we will go to the US. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers & living expenses."

Alright, so we know that modesty is not anchored in Dotcom's genes, but it appears that he is rather confident about his case as his provocative posts not only tease the restart of his Mega empire, ask for suggestions for hosting providers outside the U.S., and send job offers to his supporters but also ridicule public figures such as vice president Joe Biden. Twitter may not always be an appropriate negotiation tool in a rather spicy case, especially if it is used for apparent PR purposes.

The chance that U.S. government will unfreeze Dotcom's money? Rather slim.