iPhone 6 Review Roundup: What the Critics are Saying

Apple fanatics still have a few days to go before the iPhone 6's long-awaited Sept. 19, release date, but the reviews are already trickling in. The hot handset has been getting some positive praise so far, thanks to its more satisfying 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch form factors, a speedy A8 processor and some welcome camera improvements. You can stay tuned for our official verdict on Laptop Mag, but, in the mean time, here's what some of tech's biggest critics have to say about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

David Pierce, The Verge

The Verge's David Pierce gave the iPhone 6 a glowing 9 out of 10, calling it "the big iPhone for everyone." Pierce praised the smartphone's sharp camera, vivid display and performance, while noting that the iOS experience doesn't quite feel optimized for its larger display.

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"The iPhone 6 takes panorama photos in higher resolution now, and in general takes better pictures than any smartphone I’ve ever used."

"There’s the new A8 processor, which makes everything from launching apps to playing games to switching home screens noticeably faster than even the 5S. "


"...what Apple didn’t do was come up with a way to take advantage of the new screen's real estate, or make it easier to navigate. "

Joshua Topolsky, Bloomberg Businessweek

Joshua Topolsky of Bloomberg Businessweek was similarly enamored with the iPhone 6 family, stating, "They are beautifully engineered machines, more useful than ever. These aren't just the best iPhones ever made--they might be the best phones ever made." He did mention, however, that the new phone is lacking in the battery life department, and that iOS 8 could still use some improvements.


"Apple will tell you that these are the fastest mobile devices it’s ever made, and it wouldn’t be lying. These phones scream."

"The improvements Apple has made prove that the iPhone isn’t just a fantastic smartphone with a camera; it’s a fantastic camera, period."


"Battery life has been improved in the two models, but I’m sorry to report that even a big iPhone 6 doesn’t deliver an all-day charge if you’re a heavy user or in an area without strong wireless signals."

"Even on the new, larger phones, Apple insists on interruptive notification banners that obscure important areas of applications. "

Brad Molen, Engadget

Engadget's Brad Molen had mostly positive things to say in his iPhone 6 review, which lauds the device's quick performance and vivid display. Molen does come down on the phone's limited NFC capabilities, and, like other critics, notes that the battery life isn't up to snuff.


"Games load and run smoothly and multitasking works great."

"The viewing angles are indeed among the best I've seen, and it's great to see Apple incorporate [dual-domain pixel] technology into its latest products."


"There are two unsightly lines that follow the upper and lower perimeter, and they stick out like a sore thumb."

"For now, the iPhone's NFC radio will be limited just to Apple Pay; developers can't do anything with it right now"

David Pogue, Yahoo Tech

Yahoo Tech columnist David Pogue kept the iPhone 6 praise train rolling, calling the new devices "worthy heirs to the iPhone throne." Like his contemporaries, Pogue's review highlights the iPhone 6's speed, beefed-up camera and sharper design.

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"The iPhone camera is getting scarily good."

"The aluminum body has smooth, rounded edges — a more comfortable shape than the sharpened corners of the iPhone 4 and 5 era."


"The small of hand won’t be thrilled about the added width. The iPhone 6 Plus, in particular, is a pocket-filler."

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington gave the iPhone 6 a major thumbs up, going as far as calling it "the best smartphone available." Like others, Etherington found lots to like in the phone's revamped design, improved A8 processor and rich picture quality.


"Leave it to other manufacturers to debate the relative merits of this or that kind of display tech; Apple’s is simply the best-looking and most pleasant to use, and the iPhone 6 reaffirms that with some of the best color rendering I’ve seen on mobile."

"You don’t realize how the device you were using (iPhone 5s in my case) could get any better in terms of general speed, until you pick up the [iPhone 6]"


"If Apple has faltered anywhere with design, it might be that protruding iSight camera lens on the back, which sticks out a tiny fraction of an inch thicker than the rest. "

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  • Philip Peake
    I was waiting for the Swype keyboard. What a disappointment that turned out to be.
    None of the usability of the Android version, still have to switch between keyboards for digits, punctuation and symbols. May as well just stick with the Apple keyboard .

    Presumably this was something forced on them by Apple? But makes switching keyboards worthless.