iPhone Owners Irate After iOS Update Bricks Cellular Data

We would not update to iOS 12.1.2 — at least until Apple can ensure that iPhones won’t be rendered useless in the process.

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According to various reports, including one from Forbes, iPhone users around the world who have upgraded to the latest version of iOS are finding that it cuts off mobile data services.

Update Dec. 24 12:05 pm ET:
Many more iPhone users have come forward on Twitter claiming that they are having connectivity issues related to iOS 12.1.2. Apple is advising some to try to update their carrier settings using this guide.

One Twitter user @kevbruh says that “Apple update 12.1.1, I had no cellular data. I tried inserting my SIM card again, hard resetting my device, and tried resetting the network settings. Nothing happened and the problem persists.”

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In addition to North America, similar issues are being reported in South America, Europe and Asia.

Other iPhone owners are reporting that they can’t make or receive calls and others are saying that they can’t text or receive texts.

Apple has not officially commented on this situation, but @AppleSupport on Twitter has responded to some complaints, asking for more information and directing others to this general support page.

On that page, you’re advised to to do things like manually chat for and install a carrier settings update, taking out the SIM card and putting it back in and resetting your network settings. You can also try resetting your device. But it doesn’t sound as though these steps are helping everyone.

We’ll keep you posted if Apple issues an official comment.

Mark Spoonauer

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  • jackrblade
    LOL!!! More hijinks for Apple devotees!!! ??
  • sixstringrob
    Points like Nelson from the Simpsons and give a resounding... HA HA!!!
  • ejekyll
    iPhone 12.1.2 (the "104" release) XS here with no problems with voice, text or data...works great, Forbes rarely knows what it's talking about anyway.
  • frankthetank909
    I have to say, Since Steve passed away, Apple is now just starting to money grab and release crap. It's good to see the beginning of the end.
  • kishmir.intuches
    can't remove a virtual SIM card on the XS XR
  • nasraidub
    What problem? Have been using iphone 6 with 12.1.2 with no issues
  • axthecontract
    Ah. Thanks for sharing! I experienced this yesterday. My carrier thought it was the SIM, so they replaced it. I purchased a new iPhone X last week, and throughout the day yesterday, I was getting a message no cellular data. In my iPhone settings for cellular, it showed no SIM. I reboot the phone, and after 1 minute I get a cellular connection that lasts 5-10 minutes. I think you're right about iOS 12.1.2 update because it was two day after purchase before I updated the phone iOS 12.1.2.
  • willsonfredf4
    Hehe, thanks for sharing it)
  • jjoh217
    Soon after updating to ios 12.1.2 my data entirely stopped working via wifi or through normal isp. I could receive calls and texts and would even get some push notifications, but could not access any internet, email, and most apps became useless. My text app was acting weird as well, I tried everything including the steps above and nothing worked. Then I realized one thing I had not done...remove possible conflicting apps. about three weeks prior to updating, I had installed Phone Guardian Mobile Security app. It monitors public wifis to protect your phone privacy using VPN technology to protect browsing activity and encrypting all http traffic on networks your don't trust. At any rate, my experience is security apps often conflict with updates and other apps. I removed the security app from my phone and immediately data resumed. two days worth of emails and other alerts suddenly appeared. fixed. just saying, if you have a security app installed and are experiencing data issues after 12.1.2 update, then consider removing it to see if anything changes.