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Intel Unleashes Broadwell H CPUs, Skylake Prototypes

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Get ready for a whole lot more processing performance, faster connections, better business collaboration and computers the size of buttons. Today at Computex 2015, Intel showed off of a number of new products. The highlights include a new line of Broadwell H CPUs for desktops, Thunderbolt 3 high-speed cables, Intel prototypes with next-gen "SkyLake" CPUs and Intel Unite, which is a new app for screen sharing.

Broadwell H

This year, we've seen a number of lightweight notebooks based on Intel's 5th Core Series processor platform, codenamed Broadwell. Today, Intel released 10 Broadwell H CPUs with performance (and power consumption) fit for desktops and large gaming notebooks. Nine of the ten new processors come with Intel's high-end Iris Pro 6200 graphics chip.

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We witnessed the improved performance of Broadwell H with our own eyes. Intel showed two identically configured desktop PCs, one withnIntel Broadwell Core i7 5775C with Iris Pro 6200 graphics and one with the prior generation, Intel Core i7 4770S processor. After both ran the 3DMark Ice Storm, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall performance, the new CPU scored higher than 120,000, while its predecessor managed just 62,000. That's half as fast on graphically intense tasks.

A slew of new gaming desktops and laptops based on the new CPUs are launching at Computex, including systems from MSI, CyberPower and Gigabyte.

Skylake Prototypes

Even as it rolls out a new set of Intel 5th Generation Core Series CPUs, Intel is close to releasing SkyLake, its 6th Generation Core Series processor line. Intel SVP and GM of PC Client Computing, Kirk Skaugen, showed off a 2-in-1 laptop and an all-in-one desktop with SkyLake inside. Both products looked extremely thin; particularly the desktop, which was so thin that when Skaugen laid it flat on a table, it looked like a large tablet.

Thunderbolt 3

Skaugen took just a moment to announce Thunderbolt 3, the latest version of Intel's cable that will offer 40 Gbps connections, 100 watts of power and more over a USB-C cable. Systems and peripherals with the new technology will start appearing in 2016.

Button-Sized Computers

Mini PCs were also on the agenda for Skaugen's Computex keynote. The Intel NUC and Compute Stick are already on the market today. But we saw a tiny thing that Intel says will be a more powerful computer while also being the size of a shirt button. Skaugen said we could expect to see this by the end of the decade.

Intel Unite for Conference Screen Sharing

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