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Why iMessages on Android Would Be a Big Deal

Those green blobs in Apple Messages may finally disappear soon, as the iPhone maker is rumored to release its iMessage texting platform for Android. No, hell isn't freezing over, but this could represent a significant shift — perhaps Apple is following Google's lead by no longer limiting its apps to first-party devices.

Image: Shutterstock / Dedi Grigoroiu

Image: Shutterstock / Dedi Grigoroiu

This rumor comes from an anonymous source that told MacDailyNews that Apple will make the announcement at Monday's WWDC 2016 keynote event. While this change could bring end-to-end encryption to more users — which means not even Apple can read iMessages sent between iOS devices — the Whatsapp chat app already provides that level of security to Android devices.

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Android users migrating from texts to iMessages would gain the ability to send higher resolution images as well as audio clips. iMessages also offers read receipts and the "..." icon that signifies the person you're talking with is typing.

This source claimed that "Apple is increasingly focused on services which means opening up certain avenues beyond its own iOS and OS X platforms," which makes sense, as the company released a beta of Apple Music for Android. Additionally, the source pointed to rumors that Apple plans to add person-to-person payments to iMessage, a feature currently available on Facebook Messages.

Apple's record for supporting outside operating systems has not been stellar as of late. The company abandoned development of the PC version of its Safari browser, and it recently advised users to uninstall Quicktime for Windows for security reasons.

This rumor may excite Android users who have a lot of friends that use iPhones, but we're not sure of the strength of the demand. Some Android users may have little interest in iMessage, as they've already made their choice by not buying an iPhone. Messages sent over iMessage don't cut into the monthly allotment of texts allowed by your carrier, though texting is virtually unlimited on even the most affordable plans.

Lastly, the rumor doesn't exactly feel like a sure thing. MacDailyNews only goes so far as to say the source is "familiar with the company's thinking," and MacDailyNews doesn't have a proven track record for rumors that turn to reality. The source told MacDailyNews that the announcement placement isn't guaranteed for the WWDC Keynote, but guaranteed that iMessage "would 'definitely' be coming to Android this year."