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iBuyPower's Case Builder Makes Gaming PCs Modular

LAS VEGAS — It’s gotten pretty easy to upgrade most gaming PCs with new components over time, but when it comes to the external case, you’re pretty much stuck with what you bought. iBuyPower’s Project Case Builder could change all of that.

Project Case Builder essentially makes the desktop case modular, allowing gamers to swap out panels, storage bays, feet and other parts in order to keep their case designs fresh and personalized for years. 

At CES 2018, I saw an exploded-skeleton prototype designed to show off just how many different pieces can pop in and out of the chassis. I also got a look at what a final Case Builder configuration could look like, complete with a sleek silver front panel, a clear side panel, a whole bunch of internal RGB lighting and all of the other flourishes you’d expect from an iBuyPower desktop.

iBuyPower is still working out what types of case upgrades will be available, but the company did point out that its innovative Snowblind LCD panel will be an option. According to iBuyPower, the types of panels and upgrades that will be available will largely be influenced by what customers, pro gamers and influencers ask for. 

Project Case Builder seems like it has a lot of potential. It’s easy to imagine a world where, say, you order a new front panel for your PC that features your favorite e-sports team, or upgrade to a see-through side panel that lets you finally show off your fancy new graphics card. If the company has its way, accessorizing your gaming PC’s look and feel will become as simple as tossing on a new T-shirt.

There’s currently no set starting price or release date for Case Builder, but iBuyPower is hoping to make it available sometime in Q2 2018. We look forward to playing with — and tweaking — the final product once it launches.