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Hulu's Win 10 App Now Features Cortana

Hulu's new Windows 10 Universal app is now available, and will work the same way on Windows PCs, Windows phones and Windows tablets. While the interface will look familiar to Hulu users, there are some nifty new features built in, such as integration with Microsoft's voice-activated assistant, Cortana. So you can say, "Cortana, start playing Project Runway."

You can ask Cortana to search for shows you want to watch with voice commands. The new app will also pick up where you stopped watching, or play the next episode, even if you're switching from your phone to your desktop. The free app (available for download now) is accessible from the Windows 10 Start menu, and you can pin individual shows to that menu. 

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While the Hulu app is free, you'll likely want to pony up the $7.99 per month for limited commercial viewing. Hulu recently acquired the rights to stream 11.22.63, the eight-part series based on a Stephen King book and produced by J.J. Abrams. Hulu also offers more than 100,000 hours of content, including current-season episodes of TV shows such as Empire and classic movies such as An Officer and a Gentleman, Braveheart and Jerry Maguire. 

The Windows Universal app platform currently includes Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Pandora, Shazam, Twitter, NPR and many others. The Netflix app also offers the same Cortana voice-command integration, and can be pinned to the Start menu.