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Honor View 20 Arrives With a Crazy 48-Megapixel Camera and No Notch

Honor has revealed its View 20 smartphone at an announcement event in Hong Kong, and although we don’t have all the details yet, there’s enough for you to get excited about it.

The Honor View 20 will use a Kirin 980 processor, placing it firmly in the flagship bracket in terms of power. The chip, only revealed in October 2018, is currently in use in parent company Huawei Mate 20 Pro series, but is also due on another upcoming Honor model: the Magic 2.

The screen is going to be a fresh one, dubbed ‘All-View’, but we don’t have a pixel size to go off yet. Expect something fairly large though.

In a rejection of the current trend of more and more cameras on the backs of new and upcoming phones, Honor has gone with a single lensed 48-MP camera on the back, a feature which Sony (who manufacture the sensor) and Samsung is also hoping to include in their own upcoming handsets. 48-MP is the biggest ever seen on a handset. Previously, the 40-MP Nokia 808 PureView had that crown. Meanwhile on the front, the company is following the smartphone industry’s new habit of a pinhole front camera in lieu of a notch.

One of Honor’s unique features for its new phone is Link Turbo, an AI assisted internet booster designed to give the user the fastest possible internet speed given the current signal strengths available.

The previous phone in this series, the View 10, can help fill in some of the gaps left in the View 20’s specs after the announcements. With the View 10 using 4GB RAM and 128GB storage, we can hope for the same if not better in the View 20.

The View 10’s price has a dropped a little, currently available for $499/£399 on Honor’s website, but it is indicative of the surprisingly low price point that these well specced phones are sold for. The View 20 is going to be filled with some great features as we’ve seen, but will most likely cost less than what we expect from a flagship.

After playing coy about what was going to be appearing at an event in Paris on 22 January 2019, it's been made clear that that will be the official launch of the View 20, when all our remaining questions will be answered.

Until then though, we will have to wait and see if any other details of the View 20 are announced (or leaked) to complete the profile of what’s beneath the handset’s skin.