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HD DVD Players Pass 750,000 Unit Sales

That’s significantly more than the introductory year of the DVD. In that format’s first year, just over 300,000 DVD players were sold. However, it falls significantly behind Blu-ray Disc players.

The HD DVD group cites retailer reports. The 750,000 unit mark includes sales of standalone HD DVD players as well as the HD DVD add-on to the Xbox 360, which until recently was the least expensive device to play the high-def format.

According to the HD DVD Promotional Group, standalone players have outsold standalone Blu-ray devices, which excludes the Playstation 3. The Digital Entertainment Group agrees, reporting that standalone Blu-ray player sales have not even reached 200,000 units yet. However, when the PS3 is factored in, Blu-ray dwarfs its competitor.

According to the Financial Times, PS3 lifetime sales have reached 3.7 million units. This has led to Blu-ray movies consistently outselling HD DVD titles, usually at a monthly rate of two-to-one.