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Microsoft's HD DVD Player Drops To $49.99

Pricewatch - Retailers aren’t hesitating to get rid of Microsoft’s HD DVD player: Best Buy, Circuit City and Amazon have discounted the Xbox 360 add-on by as much as 61%

Prices for HD DVD players are coming slowly, delaying the death of the canceled format. Microsoft’s HD DVD player, however is set for a quick departure as large retailers have begun clearing out their inventory. Instead of the MSRP of $129.99, you can pick up the player for as low as $49.99.

Best Buy and Circuit City are currently offering the player at this price, while Amazon has dropped the price today $65.

According to, the regular Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player (1080i) is currently selling for an average retail price of $109, with prices as low as $89.99 (CompUSA, TigerDirect). The 1080p model HD-A30 has an average price of $131, with CompUSA and TigerDirect currently offering the lowest price at $119.99. The flagship HD-A35 remains above $200 ($206), according to Few retailers have discounted this player, mainly, because it is out of stock at many places anyway.

Interestingly, also Blu-ray players are seeing decreasing prices. Sony’s volume model BDP-S300 is currently listed at an average price of $378, down from $388 one week ago. Sharp’s BD-HP20U is currently selling for an average of $311, down from $326 one week ago.