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New Firefox Beta 3x Faster Than Current Firefox

Earlier this week, Firefox unveiled it's latest Beta update which included a hefty JavaScript upgrade.

Unlike its predecessors, Firefox Beta 7 uses a new and improved JägerMonkey JavaScript engine rather than the traditional TraceMonkey engine.

Firefox developer David Mandelin blogged about the new engine, "All in all, JägerMonkey is now about 3x faster than the baseline interpreter we started with." To show everybody the new speedy JavaScript engine, Firefox ran a few benchmarks which showed a 3x increase in speed, just as Mandelin promised.

If you don't believe the charts, head on over to the beta page to test it out for yourself.

With a new faster JavaScript engine, the new firefox should be a great competitor to Google Chrome's blazing fast speeds. In a later blog, Mandelin stated that Firefox 4 Beta 7 users should see:

  • "Big improvements in benchmark scores. Those aren’t the main goal–but they are a really convenient target for us to aim at."
  • "Things just feel faster, especially big JavaScript-heavy things like Gmail and Facebook. That’s subjective, so as an engineer I feel a bit funny touting it, but that’s what early users are saying, anyway. :-]"
  • "Cool demos and games work great now. You can play a good game of Super Mario Bros in JavaScript now. Or play some Gameboy. Or try a fluid simulator."

Check out Mandelin's blog here.

Get Firefox 4 beta 7 here!