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Get In Sync with File Syncing Software

Software Syncing Conclusions

When choosing a syncing solution, it’s probably a good idea to first figure out your own usage scenario. Do you need to do local backups to a local network storage or USB thumb drive or do you need an always-on PC-to-PC backup? Or is it something in between?

It terms of an all around solution that can do both local and remote, GoodSync is a solid choice. That said, GoodSync’s local syncing features are not as robust compared to what Allway Sync offers and its remote PC syncing isn’t as feature rich as either BeInSync or FolderShare’s offerings. But you can do both local and remote, so if that’s what you need, give GoodSync a try.

If you’re just looking for a powerful local synchronization solution, Allway Sync with its multi-way synchronization options and really complete options for handing file deletions is a very good choice.

For remote PC-to-PC synchronization, both BeInSync and FolderShare are impressive easy-to-use solutions. At this point the edge goes to BeInSync as it offers more features for controlling transfers and because it makes it easy to identify on your desktop what is synced and what is shared. However, BeInSync is a significantly more expensive product compared to FolderShare, which currently is free (although that is likely to change once Microsoft moves it out of beta).

The bottom line as always is that synchronization solutions are all about choice. All of the solutions in this review have free trial versions available to try out and “synchronize” for yourself. So go and figure out what your needs are and get synced.

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