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SyncToy 2 Software Review

Currently in beta, SyncToy 2 is a free Microsoft utility for file synchronization. SyncToy also belongs to the left/right group of tools.

On startup, SyncToy is non-assuming and asks users to specify one of three operational modes.

In Synchronize mode, new updated files are copied both ways and so are deletions. In contrast to Echo mode, new and updated files are copied from left to right (source to target) with file renames on the left (source side) also being repeated on the right. As such, Echo isn’t a true “synchronization” in the two-way sense and is closer to a typical backup scenario.

The third mode is called Contribute, where new and updated files are copied left to right.

synctoy 2 software

Scheduling for SyncToy is set by Windows task scheduler and there is no easily available check box option for syncing with a USB thumb drive. It’s a basic, free synchronization tool that isn’t quite a toy but isn’t as feature rich as some of the other solutions we look at in this review.