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SyncBackSE Software Review


SyncBackSE is more than just a synchronization tool as it also enables backup. If you’ve got multiple jobs (sync and/or backup), SyncBackSE is also an easy way to group the tasks together for easier overall manageability and task execution.

syncbackse software

SyncBackSE also uses the left (source), right (target) setup scenario in the same way that GoodSync does. However, SyncBackSE’s interface for showing left and right isn’t nearly as clear and as user friendly as GoodSync’s.

syncbackse software

Scheduling is also somewhat less user friendly than it should it be. SyncBackSE relies on Task Scheduler as opposed to a simple check box format (like GoodSync) and does not show simple options for just syncing whenever you start/stop either the application or a new USB drive. Certainly you can use SyncBackSE with a USB thumb drive, and in fact, SyncBackSE can be run a thumb drive itself with a special U3-enabled version.

SyncBackSE has a 30 day trial with a full version available for $30.