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Patent Troll Goes After Apple's Developer Program

Shaker Heights, Ohio-based Cathas Advanced Technologies is now trying to monetize the patent by suing Apple and Oracle for patent infringement. In a separate claim, Cathas is suing Linkedin, and Living Social over a technique to provide "branding services" to their customers.

The patent, originally granted in 2005 to Delphi Technologies, and transferred to Cathas in October 2011, covers a process in which software can be tailored to specific needs via a web interface using a Perl-based CGI program, and then sent to the user as an executable file. Additional functions include several steps of automatic error detection and correction in the data entered by the user via JavaScript.

Cathas claims that that Apple is violating the patent via the software delivery service of its iOS Developer program that allows developers to create customized applications. Similarly, the company says Oracle is violating the patent as well.

Another patent entitled "Method, system and storage medium for providing supplier branding services over a communications network", which was also originally granted to Delphi and recently acquired by Cathas is used against Linkedin, and Living Social. Essentially a B2B marketing process, the patent is pitched as an alternative to email marketing. Branded information designed to appear on web pages is matched with "customer target records" and "customer profile records" and combined with a link to a "subscribing supplier system". The obvious patent infringement parties for this technology would seem to be Google and Facebook, but we are not aware that Cathas has filed suit against those two yet.

Cathas says Linkedin, and Living Social are violating the patent by offering gift certificates to their web site visitors.

Douglas Perry is an author and journalist from Portland, Oregon. His many articles have appeared in the likes of Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, The Oregonian, and several newspapers. He has covered topics including security, hardware, and cars, and has written five books. In his spare time, he enjoys watching The Sopranos.

  • TheBigTroll
    trollolollo to apple
  • Vorador2
    I hate to think the amount Apple is spending on lawyers these days.
  • TidalWaveOne
    I should have been a patent attorney.
  • DSpider
    Vorador2I hate to think the amount Apple is spending on lawyers these days.Chump change.

    Have you seen this yet?
  • eddieroolz
    Wouldn't practically every web-based software delivery violate this...
  • blazorthon
    Jeeze, Apple. More lawsuits going both out and in than any other company, huh? They just keep piling up and both sides of Apple. I guess it's what goes around comes around at this point and to such an extreme that it gets said on so many articles. We seem to get an Apple lawsuit article more than weekly at this point.
  • amdfangirl
    'Patent troll' in a headline is redundant these days.

    By now, all corporate patent lawsuits are considered a form of corporate 'trolling'.

  • del35
    Ummm, that is like a sewage rat being chased by a mouse. What goes around comes around.

  • What a joke. If it wasn't for Apple, we wouldn't have most of the cool gadgets we have today. Can't wait for the counter suit.
  • f-14
    it's sad to hear the little guy who invented something loses because some big corporation who is greedy thinks they can openly steal from him and get away from it because they can afford the legal costs in order to do so!
    headline and article should read, law finally enforced after company who could afford the legal costs and lawyers fees acquires patent from micro start up developer who invented web ap. distribution who could not.
    tired of this 'troll' issue.
    the way the people complain about this they should be able to use anything they want with out rewarding or recognizing innovators.
    i guess the people who think this way feel everybody deserves a nobel prize and trophy for STEALING weather or not it's a physical product or an idea.
    theft is theft if patent law needs to be changed it should be all the thieves involved from the guy who made the decision to the people in the factories building the stolen thing are given hard prison time sentences equal to stealing from the warren buffet and the treasury department.