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Apple's iPhone SE 2 Could Offer Wireless Charging

Apple's next budget-friendly smartphone, the iPhone SE 2, could take some cues from the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X when it hits store shelves this year, according to reports. In addition to incorporating one of the fastest processors on the market, a report suggests that the phone may integrate popular wireless charging technology.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

The tech giant may be planning a new iPhone SE for a March launch, which could come with a host of new features, according to BGR. Chief among those features is a new A10 Fusion Processor: the same chip that powers the iPhone 7, and is still one of the most powerful processors you can get in any handset currently on the market.

Additionally, Apple could be planning two versions of the iPhone SE 2. One of those will come with 32 GB storage, while the other will deliver 128 GB, according to the report.

But it gets better. A recent report from tekz24 said that Apple will modify the iPhone SE 2's design to include a glass back panel. That feature may prove critical: It's the component that will allow the iPhone SE 2 to offer wireless charging.

Critics have long been on Apple's case for not offering wireless charging in its iPhones, while its Android-based competitors all offered the feature. The company changed tack last year when it unveiled the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. All three handsets come with support for wireless charging. It appears — if the rumor is true — that Apple wants to extend the feature to all of its iPhones, including those at the budget-friendly level.

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Indeed, the iPhone SE has proven to be one of the most appealing smartphone options that Apple offers. The device has a pleasant, if dated, design, and at $349, is the most affordable smartphone Apple sells. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he was pleased by how well the iPhone SE was selling. That kind of success usually means Apple is planning a follow-up, and an early 2018 launch for said follow-up would make sense.

Still, Apple itself has remained silent on its plans — if it has any. While it's possible the company will indeed offer those improvements in the iPhone SE 2, for now, it's not sharing anything, and likely won't until it's ready to announce something.

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