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Android 5 Lollipop: A Guide to the Best New Features

Android 5 Lollipop is Google's sweet new take on its mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. It's a big leap forward in design as well as energy efficiency. New features such as improved search indexing and better security options are welcome additions. However, not all of the new features are easy to figure out. That's where our helpful tutorials come in.

Here are the tips and tricks you need help you make the most of your Android 5 device. And don't forget to check out our Android Smartphone forums for more great advice.

1. Get More Battery Life

Improve your battery life, by turning on Battery Saver Mode and by stopping apps from auto-updating.

2. Hide Notifications

Keep your notifications to yourself by hiding alerts on the lock screen

3. Set Up a Guest Account

Don't be afraid to share your phone with a friend by setting up a new user or guest account.

4. Use Facial Recognition for Better Security

Improve your security by turning on Smart Lock facial recognition. 

Stop digging through menus and quickly find the setting you want to change by using quick search

6. Block Interruptions

Blocked interruptions will help you keep your focus on what you're doing.

7. Make Google Now Always On

If you set Google Now to always on, a virtual assistant is only a couple words away.

8. Make Content Easier to Read

Make the screen easier to read by turning on Color Blind Mode, by activating High-Contrast Mode, or by increasing the font size.

Get More Tips!

Check out our Android Smartphone Forum to learn more about your phone and get your problems solved.

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