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Adobe Teases Parts Of CS4 Suite


San Jose (CA) - Adobe has rolled out beta versions for parts of the upcoming CS4 suite. On May 27th, the company popped up test versions of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth and anyone is free to download and take them for a spin. No doubt other popular programs like Photoshop and Flash will be close behind.

The programs are time bombed to stop working after 48 hours or until the actual CS4 ships. However, customers entering in a valid CS3 serial number have no 48 hour time limit (but the CS4 shipment cut-off still applies).

PC Mag
has a good roundup of the new features included within the beta programs.

  • Be carefull, adobe will be mad that you use the word "CS4" and post on their blog how evil "tg daily" site say nasty things about their product family.

    PS: Will try the "new Adobe Photoshop", thanks for the info.
  • Preytor
    Why not fix all the bugs in CS3 first?
    "I'm staring at you Indesign."

    As for Premiere, Ultra, Encore why not support more codecs? You could learn a few things from SUPER

    Soundbooth and Audition can use a few more codecs too.
  • I hope the products they acquired when they bought Macromedia be improved in CS4. Although it's quite obvious that the changes they made in CS3 for those products was more on integration to the CS suite, they could have done some improvement that could have made those products more worthwhile as part of CS3.

    Take for example Dreamweaver, the bugs and certain "bad" behaviour still existed:
    - Cancelling a file transfer thru ftp in Dreamweaver causes it to terminate.
    - Another is just letting Dreamweaver sit still (or doing some LITE work) somethings it'll popup a message saying it's low on resources (and start missing some icons on its UI).
    - Then there's the CPU usage during ftp transfers. 100%? It may just be an added feature, but why use algorithm (just guessing) that causes such horrendeous use of resources? I have done a lot of software development for the Windows platform and let me tell you Microsoft already has guides (including codes), all FREE, that shows how to transfer files efficiently. No, it's not a problem of Windows since other FTP apps I have (CuteFTP, FileZilla) barely taxes the CPU when transfering files.

    Fix those and other bugs/problems in CS4 instead of adding more BLOAT.