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An Active Bodysuit Only for Women

Let's get the obvious dreams out of the way first: No, this isn't an armored exoskeleton in the vein of Iron Man. And no, this bodysuit doesn't turn invisible. Ok, now that's settled, here's a bodysuit concept designed to help the fairer sex out with their daily workout.

The so-called Activation Suit features three layers that (from outer to inner) provide a touch-sensitive interface for the user, an artificial nervous system, and electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). Said stimulation will help the wearer warm up before the workout and cool down afterward. The EMS can also concentrate on specific areas of the body, a focus controlled by tapping areas on the outer layer of the suit.

The whole she-bang is powered by a detachable collar that recharges its own battery via USB. Designer Chris Vella also visualizes The Activation Suit as a data-gathering machine, providing workout information to a computer for review.

The potential for skin-tight aesthetics aside, what's the point of all this? What can The Activation Suit—still a design concept without any prototype—provide that normal exercise can't? Lastly, why is Vella limiting his proposed tech only to women? To all the fit ones out there, enlighten us in the comments.

Move Over Iron Man