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Samsung Announces Passbook Rival For Android: Wallet

South Korean technology company Samsung has announced its rival to Apple's Passbook with Wallet for Android.

As described on the app's API page for developers, Wallet "allows users to store and manage event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards, and coupons all in one place."

The app will allow providers to integrate their apps with Samsung Wallet to allow smartphone users to add their electronic tickets and coupons. Such tickets display bar codes that can then be scanned at terminals. During its demo at the Mobile World Congress today, the firm showcased how an individual could add an electronic airplane ticket coming from a provider such as Lufthansa into the Wallet app.

In similar fashion to iOS 6's Passbook, Wallet utilizes push notifications in order to alert smartphone users when they're in the right location to utilize one of their store coupons or tickets. Users of Samsung's forthcoming app are also able to receive updates to their boarding passes, as well as membership card points.

Wallet, however, doesn't support near-field communications (NFC), which excludes the possibility of mobile tap-to-pay payments. Samsung said it decided to not integrate NFC support, as retailers prefer bar codes, because additional hardware isn't required. That said, the firm didn't completely rule out NFC integration at a later date.


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