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Samsung's New Phones to Go All Day with One Charge

As the months and years go by, smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful, bigger, and capable of more. However, one problem that never seems to go away is battery-life. Most smartphones won't last the full day with anything above light usage and with dual (and soon quad) core processors fast becoming the status quo, it seems the days of unplugging in the morning and not worrying about charging again until you get home in the evening are over. However, Samsung is fighting to give users powerful phones with lasting battery-life and says anyone that purchases one of its new handsets will see a difference.

Speaking during a CES interview with CNet, Samsung's VP of Product Innovation, Kevin Packingham, said that the company's goal is for smartphones hitting the market this year to last an entire day on a single charge with moderate to heavy usage. "When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don't want you feeling anxiety about your battery life," he's quoted as saying.

Packingham said that while the company plans to move to bigger batteries to help alleviate battery problems, that's not the only step it's taking to lengthen battery-life. Samsung is also planning to optimize how the phone uses battery. From altering how often the phone searches for WiFi to changing when it uses the 4G radio, the hope is that better optimization and a bigger battery will give average users better battery. However, Packingham admitted that power users were always going to have issues with battery.

Samsung didn't give any indication as to the sizes of batteries we can expect in its upcoming handset but we're hoping the rumored Galaxy S3 and its 4.6-inch display will benefit from the company's efforts to offer more time away from the charger.