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OnLive To Be Integrated Into Google TV Products

On the heels of Gaikai announcing that LG will use its platform to stream games to 2012 and newer Cinema 3D TVs, OnLive has announced that its cloud gaming service will be integrated into Google TV. The OnLive Viewer is now available for all Google TV devices to love and enjoy, and will be followed by the full, hands-on gaming version at a later date.

"OnLive brings to Google TV users instant on-demand gameplay from a rapidly growing library of the latest high-performance console-class titles, as well exclusive social features such as worldwide massive spectating and Brag Clip videos with full group voice and text chat," the company said on Wednesday during CES 2012. "The OnLive Viewer, enabling OnLive social features, is available immediately on all Google TV devices currently in the market and is compatible with standard Google TV remote controls as well as the OnLive Wireless Controller and standard USB game controllers. "

Both the OnLive Wireless Controller and the full version of OnLive will work on all current and future Google TV products including TVs, Blu-ray players and media streamers. The just-announced OnLive Desktop service, which delivers a seamless, full-featured PC desktop with full collaboration capability, will also be available on Google TV, enabling business presentations, sharing of family of videos and photos, as well as other media-rich PC applications.

"OnLive integration into Google TV is a huge leap forward for videogames," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. "Consumers have come to expect instant gratification with music, movies and video. Now, with OnLive, players in the US and soon in the UK can just as easily stream the highest-quality games to their Google TV devices for play instantly on demand, without discs or downloads."

Currently OnLive is showcasing the Google TV integration on the Vizio VAP430 Stream Player with OnLive’s Wireless Controller at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It's also demonstrating soon-to-be-released full OnLive gameplay capability on current Google TV devices. Over 50 game publishers, including virtually every top console publisher, is supporting the OnLive game platform, the company claims.

For more information about OnLive in Google TV, CEO Steve Perlman talks more about the integration here on Google TV's blog.